Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hunger Games Movie

Okay, so I super loved this books and my friend loaned me her DVD of Hunger Games.  I don't usual recommend movies on this blog- even though I love movies.  We don't get a whole lot of time to watch movies anymore with the little man unless you include Thomas the Train, Dora, and Curious George.  I figure that if the movie is based on a book and as good as the book, I should recommend it because that makes it just a step to the side of literature :)

When the storm rolled through, we lost our power at about 8:15 pm.  We were trying to figure out what to do so we opted for watching a DVD on the computer.  It seemed more fun than going to bed early so we took care of some of the power outage things like turn off everything that we thought was on and unplugging surge protectors and anything that was plugged in.  Then, we cued up the movie!!!

Since I recently read the trilogy, I can tell you that I thought the book was super well represented in the movie.  If you haven't read the book, I always recommend to check that out first!!  I reviewed them when I read them and they were really hard to put down so make sure you have enough time.

There were a few things that was different from the books but I am sure that some decisions were made because the movie would have been 6 hours long if they went with all the details in the book.  The first thing that I thought was a little strange that they changed who gave Katniss the Mockingjay Pin and they also didn't make it as important as it was in the books.  The great thing about reading the books first means that you already have the background knowledge about the meaning of different things so you don't need the explaination in the movie.

I would have liked to see more time in the cave with the two main characters, Katniss and Peeta.  It was much longer in the book and seemed to fly by in the movie.  Of course, if the book series and the movie wasn't enough, you can search on the internet for lots of fun things like the Mockingjay Pin (as a pin, necklace, ring or cake decoration) or the below Katniss Action Figure. 

Although I loved the books and the movie, I think that the hype may have ruined it for other people who weren't so sheltered in the world of Dora where I missed everyone talking about all of the details.  I certainly don't want to make the expectations too high but I really enjoyed the books and I thought the movie was a nice compliment to the series.  I hope that there will be more movies to watch soon!!  Let me know what you thought too :)

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