Friday, November 9, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip #6

The last day of Super Doubles had me freaking out that it was ending and the shelves were still not filled :(  First stop was the refrigerated section in the door to grab the last three Coconut Chocolate Milk.  On to the meat section, I grabbed the last three hams on the shelf.  I got the last four Yakisoba noodles on the shelf.  The McCormicks ground black pepper was the last one (okay, there was on other and the box was smashed so I don't think that it counts).  Do you see the pattern that the shelves were bare??  They were still out of sugar and Silk Fruit and Protein (called Pink Milk in our house).

I got the Jimmy Dean precooked sausage clearance deal.  They were on sale for B1G1 (originally $3.99).  I had two $0.75 coupons so I got both bags for $0.99 or $0.49 each!!  I put one directly into the freezer since I don't know what I am going to use them for yet but I figure that they might be tasty on some pizza this weekend :)

I also got two Can't Believe It's Not Butter which were $0.19 after the coupon was manually doubled because it didn't double when they scanned it.  I got the Country Crock sticks for $0.55 after coupon with the regular shelf price and no sales.

My last and favorite purchase was the Immaculate Biscuits.  They are regular price of $3.79!!  Don't ask me what makes them so pricey since they don't look any different than Pillsbury but who know.  They were on sale for $1.50 and there was a coupon for $1/2 so I got them for $0.50 each.  I am super excited to use one to make homemade doughnuts this weekend!!!  YUM!  I found this easy doughnut recipe years ago and haven't made them in ages.  Stay tuned for "recipe" coming soon!!

Total OOP $5.63
Total Savings $56.18


  1. I bought some of those sausage crumbles yesterday at Lowes Foods with that 75 cent off coupon - I made something called "buzzard dip" for the 31 party I hosted tonight. It's 2 blocks of cream cheese, sausage cooked and drained (took the easy road and used the crumbles) and a can of Ro-Tel, heat/melt it all together. Served with chips, it was AMAZING! I'd never made it before tonight. I only ended up with I think three trips to HT, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and then my oldest came down with a stomach bug so our fun was cut short for the week :/

    1. Ugh! Sorry to hear about the sickness. We had the preschool plague as my husband calls it. He got it first and then I got it. I still have the congestion and he still has the cough!! I guess we can be super lucky it wasn't the stomach bug or bronchitis!! Hope you guys are feeling better...sadly, ours is still holding on. Luckily we were stocked up on soup and tissues!

      My husbands family makes a dip with Velveta, salsa, and sausage but they usually use sage sausage. I think that it sounds similar. Thanks for the tip on the recipe and I hope to try it sometime!!


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