Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rosemary Chicken with Egg Noodles

I realized that I haven't posted this on my blog before and I was super surprised because I make it all the time.  I use Bisquick (mixed with a little black pepper) to coat the chicken tenders.  I used to coat with flour but I found that most of the flour ended up sticking to the pan and the Bisquick (or even homemade biscuit mix) gives a nice crunchy coating!
Normally, I put it in a bowl but if you adverse to touching the chicken, it can also be done in a plastic bag.  I melted olive oil Smart Balance butter in a skillet (sometimes I use olive oil if I am low on butter but I think that the butter taste better).  I put a stick of rosemary in while the butter is melting to add to the flavor. 

Our plant is growing a little too well in the back yard so we had lots to spare.  Check out this plant!  It is in a pot but you can barely tell.  I am super excited since we had a big plant that I really enjoyed when we moved into this house but the construction on the front porch killed it many years ago and we have been working hard to get a big enough plant to use.  Here is hoping that it lasts outside through the winter this year!!  If it does, then we can plant it in the ground next spring.

At the same time, I have to start to egg noodles because they only take between 10-12 minutes.  I have tried lots of different brands but these are always super good and I can usually get a good deal so we normally have the No Yolks noodles.

I also work on the butter topping.  I cut the rosemary "needles" (my husband and I discussed the name and that is what we came up with... don't know if it is the technical name but it the part like the needles on a pine tree) into small pieces and add to butter in a microwave safe container.  I put it in the microwave in 30 second increments until melted.

Drain the noodles when they are cooked.  Serve on plate topped with chicken and rosemary butter.  If you are serving a crowd or prefer family style, I normally toss the egg noodles in a bowl with the rosemary butter.  It is a super fast meal to pull together and tastes really yummy.  We normally have salad and biscuits with company which makes for a super yummy meal. 

I hope that you decide to try this recipe too!  If you don't have a huge rosemary bush in the backyard, just try breading some chicken in Bisquick and pan frying.  We have eaten Bisquick chicken with lots of different store bought pastas like Knorr or Pasta Roni so it is a good overall method.  This particular meal just happens to be my cousin, Lynn, favorite meal so I always think about her when I am making it!!  Sending love and Rosemary Chicken to her :)  Hope your family likes it as much as mine!

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