Monday, October 22, 2012

More shopping for things we were out of... mostly!

Last Monday, I opened the cupboard and looked around but there was no other bags anywhere!!  What was missing you ask?  I was totally out of sugar in my Tupperware container and I thought I had another bag but there were none in the cupboard.  That came as a huge surprise to me so I had to figure out where to grab a bag of sugar for a reasonable price without going to far from home. 

I went to Safeway and they had their brand for $2.69 and I was going to check out with it but I decided to head to Giant instead.  They had Domino's on sale for $2.69 and I knew that I had a coupon somewhere in my bag so I phoned my husband to look on the computer while I searched through all the coupons in my trunk.  I actually beat him and found it at nearly the same time.

Total OOP $3.94
Total Savings $2.15

Today, I went to Giant to see how much chili sauce was because I needed it for my cocktail meatballs for the Halloween party.  I saw that they still had Chi-Chi's tortillas on sale for $1.50 and they had the ones that I like finally.  They also had yogurt on sale that I know that I had some coupons for so I went to the car to grab some coupons.  I got what I needed and went back in and got 4 yogurts, 2 Chi Chi tortillas, and one Giant brand chili sauce.  My self scanner popped up and said that I got a free Pepsi Next so I was super excited to grab that so that we have some soda for the Halloween party (It will go nicely with my free Sprite Zero from the coupon I got from My Coke Rewards).  After coupons and bag credit, I had a great total that put a smile on my face.

Total OOP $1.80
Total Savings $9.03

Then, my son and I headed to Target to get milk and lettuce.  It was the last two things on my list that I needed to get (or so I thought until I looked in the cupboard and realized that I still need shortening and ground pepper so I will add those to the list but they can wait until the next time I make it to the store).  A trip to Target is not complete without spending a large amount of time in the toy section checking out all the new toys so it was a long trip even though it took ten seconds to grab our two items.

Total OOP $3.98
Total Savings $0.60 (off Target prices but $1.80 off the grocery stores that I was at in the morning)

I also had a uneventful trip to Safeway which renews my vow that I don't want to go to Safeway ever.  I never have great luck with their computers, their coupon policy/enforcement, and the staff.  I left everything at the register and left the store (AGAIN)!  I am not sure if it is my store or all of the stores but I have problems consistently with my store.  Going to grab my list and add the shortening and pepper to the list... and as I am making rolls, I realized that I am almost out of bread flour!  Goodness, this cycle never ends :)  Hope that you are having a good month and getting great sales.

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