Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Momfidence Book Review

Momfidence!: An Oreo Never Killed Anybody and Other Secrets of Happier Parenting by Paula Spencer  was a funny book that I picked up off the shelf at the library.  I was not disappointed because it was a laugh a minute and there were so many stories that I could totally relate to as a mom :)

The chapter titles speak volumes on the content of the book.  Check out this list to start:

Make Way for Momfidence
Don't Cry Over Spilt Guilt
No Experience Necessary
Too Much Advice Spoils the Confidence
You Can Lead a Child to Carrots, But You Can't Make Him Crunch
You Can Run, but They Will Find You
An Ounce of Prevention, Not a Ton
A Oreo Never Killed Anybody
Bless This Mess
Silence is Fool's Golden in a House with Kids

The author talks about her experiences raising her children and there are so many things that I can relate to (and I assume most mom's can).  I only have one so some of the stories aren't totally the same because she has four.  I am exhausted with one so I can only imagine how much it is with a house full.  She said that she has a 5th child named Hans.  He was the mystery child that was blamed for everything from all the other children.  Her stories made me laugh out loud! 

"An hour with a small child can sometimes drag like a whole day, and a day can sometimes feel like a whole week."  Isn't this something that all moms feel?  Sometimes spending another five minutes listening to them cry or whine about not getting their way seems like a lifetime.  Then, we think about how quickly they have grown and how it seems like only yesterday that we brought them home from the hospital and we start to get sad that we don't enjoy every minute of motherhood.  This is the rub in why we question ourselves and have guilt about what we are doing.  Every mom feels at the end of their rope and then they look at their adorable sleeping little ones and their heart melts all the tough times away.

If you want to hear more of the author's amusing stories, I highly recommend that you pick this up at your local bookstore or library.  It is a funny and light book that is bound to entertain!!

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