Friday, September 7, 2012

Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

I just got Rice Krispies to make some treats during Super Doubles at Harris Teeter but didn't remember to buy the marshmallows!!!  I used to allows have a bag or two of marshmallows in the pantry at all time to make Rice Krispie treats back before I had my little guy because I had a friend who LOVED Rice Krispie Treats so I always made them for him.  But he moved across the country to California so I haven't made them in ages.  Backwards that I had all the supplies pre-kids and didn't have anything now but that is what couponing has done to me :)

I got a box of Rice Krispies on sale for $0.99 (which makes two pans of treats) but my mom ended up buying them so it cost me nothing! Then I got a bag of marshmallows on sale for $1 which I used my Giant credit so I only paid $0.24 for the whole order of 11 items so it cost me about $0.02.  So with normal sales and coupons, this would cost me $1.50 for a pan of krispie treats but this only cost me $0.02!!  Take about frugal treat!!

This is a super yummy treat that is super easy to get the kids involved in helping.  After naptime, I pulled out all of the supplies on the counter so that we could make them together.  The little man got up on the stool and was ready to help (or eat marshmallows... it was hard to tell).

It is always better to have everything you might need out when you have a little guy helping!  So here is the actual supplies (without the little helper).

First we scooped the butter in the pan to melt it.  Once it was melted, we dumped what was left of the marshmallows in the pan to melt.  My husband always says that I stir the marshmallows like a crazy person but it says stirring constantly so I do... with maybe a little more energy then needed but it is worth getting the aerobic activity so that you can have more treats right??

When the marshmallows are melted and a little bubbly, take them off the heat and add the krispies and stir.

Pick out a 9 x 13 pan (if you haven't already put it on the counter like I did).  Depending on your pan, I suggest a little non-stick cooking spray on the bottom because the treats sometime stick so better safe then sorry.  Then dump in the krispie mix into the pan.  My mom always used wax paper but that is something that we don't keep in the house so I use plastic wrap, aluminum foil or plastic sandwich bag sprayed with non-stick cooking spray to spread the rice krispies.  I like to press mine pretty tight together to look like this:

Here is what the pan looks like for a few seconds before we take the first piece out before it is even cooled.  If you have a little one who isn't patient, you can throw them in the fridge or the freezer to set faster but we just ate them really sticky instead :)

I hope that this reminds you that these are a super yummy childhood treat that you should make more often :)  It did for me!!!  I can promise you that they won't last long!

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