Friday, May 4, 2012

White Pesto Pizza Recipe

My ideas always start off as something easy and turn into way too complicated!  I don't know if you remember but I got a container of ricotta super cheap at Harris Teeter so I was under pressure to figure out what to make with it.  I read an entire Rachael Ray cookbook and found a pasta recipe... so of course, I decided on white pizza from an online recipe :)  And then I changed it all around!!!  My "recipe" might be more of a suggestion list so that you can customize it for your family.

White Pesto Pizza

1.  Make a mess of the kitchen by pulling everything out of the cupboards, freezer and fridge.  Putting the computer in the middle of the mess :) Because you are obviously using the recipe off the computer but don't let your husband, the IT professional, see the computer!
2.  Make homemade pizza dough from Fleishman's pizza yeast per directions on package.  At the end, I added a little bit of cornmeal to either side of the dough.
3.  Stretch dough on pizza pan.  Spread ricotta cheese, fresh garlic, and pesto on the pizza .  I used the pesto that I had frozen that I made from the Knorr Pesto Packet leftover.
4.  Top with ground pepper, garlic salt, optional red pepper flakes (which I did on the right half) leaving a small edge for the yummy crust.
5.  Top with a mix of shredded cheeses, parmesan cheese, and olive oil.
6.  Bake at 425 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.  Top with fresh basil, cut and serve.

It was super yummy and tasted like fancy restaurant pizza without all the grease.  I had some flash backs to CPK and I think with a little work, I can get there.  The even better news is that my husband ad three pieces and I was afraid he wasn't going to like it since he dislikes ricotta.  He said that he likes the pizza roll better but this was good too :)  I think that his favorite is buffalo chicken pizza but we are out of blue cheese.  Going to have to add that to the list to find a great bargain again!!  Hope you try some fun pizza recipes at home soon!

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