Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mexican Egg Rolls

After long debate on the name of this yummy lunch creation, I went with the easiest one.  The Mexican Egg Roll.  I used egg roll wrappers that I got with coupon during last super doubles and leftover Mexican rice from a few nights before.  I grabbed some grated cheese- a little from the fridge and a little from the freezer.

Then my cousins magic ingredient that she purchased before the Super Bowl with a coupon provided by the coupon fairy (that's me).  We ate one right away and saved the other for just such an occasion.

1.  Lay out the egg roll wrapper on a cutting board or other flat surface.

2. Scoop main ingredient into shell.  In my case, it was a Mexican rice with meat.

3.  Top with grated cheese.

4.  Top with extra special cheese dip.

5. Wet the outside edges with water.

6. Fold top sides over

7.  Fold end in like a triangle.  Use more water if necessary to create seal.

8.  Close other end.  Seal around top seal and sides making sure there is no stuffing coming out of the wrapper. 
 9.  Heat up oil in pan and add egg roll seam side down.

10.  Flip in pan to brown other side.

11.  Take out and drain on paper towel covered plate.

12. Eat and enjoy.
Dipping optional :)

I love the crispy outside of the shell and the creamy inside with the cheese!  I highly recommend trying this yummy lunch or dinner treat with any leftovers to make a new creation.  It is also great to start from scratch with a new idea.  It is a super cheap way to feel like you are eating meat but not using a lot on the meal :)  Another great tip for how to stretch a budget.  Hope that you try it for your family soon.


  1. These were sooo amazing! Nice pictures :)

  2. They should be since you took post of them... and were the hand model for the final product :) You can tell because you have such beautiful nails!!!


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