Friday, March 2, 2012

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping

I guess the new month is off to a fast start.  I hit Harris Teeter on Thursday 3/1 and got a bunch of stuff.  I needed eggs (on sale for $0.97), bread (on sale for $1.27), and bacon (on sale and Evic coupon for $0.69).  Did I stop there???  Nope!! They have a clearance bag of 16 limes for $2.  I just found a recipe for a crock pot whole chicken with limes so I was pretty excited.  Plus my husband said that he would like lime chicken (more recipes posted when I get to make them).  There was a B1G1 deal on Rold Gold pretzels so I got six bags.  There was a $0.75/2 coupon in the Pepsi insert last weekend so I was super excited to get these for under $0.90 per bag.  I got 4 containers of "purple bananas" for my son with a printable coupon.  The best deal of the night was the Birds Eye Voila meals.  Normally $5.45 per meal, they were on sale for B1G1 and there was a $1.85 coupon so that makes it a whole meal for $1.00!!!!  I got Beef Lo Mein and Chicken Parm.  I am super excited to try them!!  Total OOP is $15.95 (savings is $36.16)
Then I dropped my son of for preschool Friday 3/2 (today) and I headed out to do my long list of errands.  I started with Target which always takes me forever to get through.  I returned 3 bottles of Tide because I got the wrong kind- not HE.  I really don't know if it makes a difference but I don't want to bet the new washer on it.  I started off with a $23.75 gift card so I think that I was getting a little too excited.  I ended up with three check outs.  The first transaction was two packages of pull-ups and they were supposed to be on sale per the sign in the aisle and they were supposed to prompt a $5 gift card.  They didn't!!!  I told her that I didn't want them then.  REALLY!!!  UGH!  Second transaction (now really the first), I got two boxes of Pampers and one package of wipes.  I used the $23.75 gift card and the total was $36.88 OOP.  I got a $5 gift card back from the Pampers to use on the next transaction.  I got some Windex, Cascade dishwasher detergent, 2 Mentos Gum, Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, Smuckers Jelly, 2 Floss, Q-tips, 2 Bertolli Sauce, 2 Turkey lunchmeat, 2 Dannon Activa, and 6 Sesame Street stuff for Dylan's easter basket.  I used the $5 gift card and the total OOP was $17.20.  I put all the stuff back in the car and tried to make the decision if I was that person.  I went back to the pull-ups and grabbed the sign, brought my two pull-ups to customer service, and asked if I could have the deal since the giftcard didn't work when I was checking out.  She gladly said yes but she couldn't do the gift card so she gave me the $5 off.  I used a $2 Target coupon and $2 manufacturer coupon on each.  The total was $28.00 OOP (which gave me 100 pull-ups which was even cheaper than diapers!!!!)

With my time left, I ran over to Wegman's to get snow peas and cheese.  Where I had a great conversation with the check out clerk about how great I was that I got the sticker on the peas :)  I always do that at Wegman's because it is super fun... of course I had trouble today because the peas kept tipping over so I had to hold the bag at the top.  I didn't tell her how much difficulty I had because I didn't want her to think that I was special so I just shook my head.  Looking back, might have looked more special because after all that work, I smooshed the scanning thing on the sticker!  Goofball!!!  Total OOP was $8.37.

This marathon 24 hour period has already added up to $106.40 towards the grocery budget (maybe minus the easter basket stuffers).  I still have a credit coming for Giant next week to get another $10 of groceries for free.  I don't know what else we need for the month but I think that we are really stocked on diapers :)  I hope that we are really stocked up on lots of things.  I can't decided if I want really good deals that save me tons of money for the rest of the month or no good deals so that I don't spend too much more!  I am going to $200 during this long month so I have $93.60 left.  I will keep you updated on how the month goes.  I am hoping to have some extra left at the end to get some ground beef at Wegman's.  Hope you are having a good start to the month.

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