Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Harris Teeter Triples Shopping Trip 3/21

I was sort of sad when I heard that it was going to be triples and not super doubles this month but now that I have looked at all the lists, I am much more happy now!  (My mother-in-law just got really sad that she doesn't have either so I know that I shouldn't complain).  Sad that I don't get my free Smart Balance milk that I have been waiting on forever since they are always out during Super Doubles.  I put together my list and pulled all my coupons last night and started to get excited by all of the deals.  I couldn't go until after I dropped my son at preschool so I didn't make it to the store until about 9:30 so they were already out of a few things.

I had to rearrange my list which is why I don't usually don't make one but I thought that I would get everything that I wanted (or at least I was hopeful).  I got the Fiber One Cereal, Mardi Gras Napkins, and Wolfgang Puck Sauce (with raincheck) for free.  The best deal that wasn't free was the meatballs which were $0.04 each (I got three in my transaction and then went back to get three more with my mother in laws card for my total of 6 because there is a limit of three coupons in one transaction).  I used some combinations of the evic coupons and manufacturers coupons to get a good deal on the Chex Mix ($0.49) and the Fun Da Middles ($0.09).  Then I decided that triples would be a good chance to try the new Kraft Fresh Taste with the $0.75 coupon so it ended up being $0.74.  I used a rain check to get the Planters Nut-rition bar for $0.25.  The Ricola Cough drops were $2.49 for the dual action so I only go one and after coupon it was $0.24.  My husband likes the Ortega Taco Seasonings and the pricing has gotten all the way up to $1.15 per packet!!!  Luckily after coupon, they were $0.40 each this week with triples. 

My late additions included the Vlasic Pickles which were normal price at $2.39 and after coupon were $0.74.  The Pampers wipes were $0.64 each after coupon.  I also got two containers of blue cheese so that I could make buffalo chicken sliders which is on the menu for next month.  With the coupon, these ended up being $1.25 each (instead of the normal price of $3.50). 

Total spent OOP was $6.76 (total savings was about $73 but it is hard to figure because I don't remember the shelf price of the Planters Nut-rition bars and the rain check overrides the price and doesn't let you know the savings).  I had a great check out person so that part was really great.  She thanked me at the end and said that she has had a ton of couponers all morning and it was really fun to see the total come down and showed me her thick file of coupons.  I was really happy leaving the store because I only spent a little bit and I actually got items that could make a meal.  Sometimes I end up with great deals but a drawer full of toothbrushes doesn't help make dinner :)  I really only had three grocery bags so it wasn't a huge shopping trip but I call it a great success!!  Even better because I am still under budget for the month :)

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