Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Giant Trip 3/21 even though I said I wasn't going to!

I looked at the deal on the General Mills cereal and the Ocean Spray Cranberry juice and I just couldn't pass it up.  I went in there after my successful Harris Teeter trip.  I got my two items (I was going to get the Barilla pasta too but it seemed like such a splurge since it would be a whole $0.19 after coupon and the coupons didn't expire until 4/12).

I decided to go with the Cookie Crisp cereal and tell my son that it was a special cookie treat.  I am sure that he will fall for it so that he can have his sweet treat in the afternoon and it really isn't that bad.  I tried to get the Cran Cherry juice at the store but the $0.50 uscan savings didn't come off so I decided to change to the Cran Grape.  I handed them my manufacturer coupons and store coupons and my total came down a ton.  The last store coupon wouldn't scan for the cashier but she told me that the woman at customer service would give me back the money.  I paid $0.80 OOP and then went to customer service and got $0.75 back for the coupon so my total trip for these two items was $0.05.  I should have gotten the bag credit but as usual, putting the bag credit on, took away the sales and coupons!  I think that this was the best deal of the day for a nickel OOP :)  I am going to get the pasta when I go back in next month to spend my $10 free money at the beginning of the month but with this last purchase of the month, my total is only at $159.81 for the month.  I stuck to the $160 budget last month but this month, I decided to let a little extra in the budget since it was a long month but I might not need too much to make it through the rest of the month with most of the month behind me and only one more trip to Harris Teeter and one trip to CVS planned (subject to change as I often do).  Hope that you are getting some great deals too!!!

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