Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giant Trip 3/20 for bread and juice

My son and I got in the car to run and get two things at Giant- bread and cranberry juice.  I checked online and I had a coupon for $0.50 off bread which we needed.  I also still had a coupon listed for the cranberry juice so I figured that I would try to see if I got the coupon a second time since it was still showing in my account.  I am still learning the ropes when it comes to Giants coupon programs but I figured that it was worth a try.   I grabbed the cranberry juice and my son helped me scan it and then cheered.  I guess it was exciting.  I put it in the reusable bag and we were off to the bread.  Lucky me, it is all the way at the other end of the store.  The price of the bread was $1.19 so after the $0.50 coupon it would be only $0.69.  I went to the regular check out lane this time since the reusable bags always seem to take away the deals that I am getting.  On the regular checkout, the cashier can remove the bags and the price goes back to normal. 

Of course, my bags made the price go up over a dollar so she removed them and the price went back down to $2.76.  Gotta love computers!!  The coupon for the cranberry juice did not come off just because it was still listed online didn't mean anything :(  Shucks!!!  I thought maybe it meant that I could only get one in a transaction.  I guess it will be super hard to track things if they don't change their website but I will certainly learn their systems. 

When I got home, I got a booklet of Giant coupons in the mailbox.  I am super excited to try them out because there are store coupons and they would be in addition to manufacturer coupons so I might be able to get some other great deals.  I am going to try not to go again this month which is great because the coupons are good until 4/12.  I will most likely go at the beginning of the month and spend my $10 credit for being active in the online community.  I love combining the credit with lots of great coupons to make my money go further!!

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