Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Keeping on Track

Normally I track all of my purchases in a notebook by week which I continue to do.  Then I add up all the weeks and put the monthly totals in the back for a yearly total and average to determine at the end of the year.  I decided to try a new additional method this month in order to track my grocery spending better for me (or at least differently).  I now have a folded sheet of paper with the amount spent, saved and total with the percentage saved.  Inside the paper, I have all the receipts from the week so that I can go back and look at them.  I think that this might help but I guess only time will tell.  So here are my totals so far:

Week 1:
Spent- $47.79
Saved- $164.97
Total- $212.76
Percentage- 77.5%

Week 2:
Spent- $47.50
Saved- $134.55
Total- $182.05
Percentage- 73.9%

Week 3:
 Just starting!!!!
Spent- $33.41
Saved- $143.66
Total- $177.07
Percentage- 81.1%

Total spent month to date: $128.70 which means to stay on track for the month, I would need to only spend $31.30.  Super Doubles just started so it will be a challenge to stay within the budget.  The greatest part of the challenge is to see how much I actually save when doing this but I am not sure if the total is a real number because I obviously wouldn't spend near $40 on lip gloss which is what I saved the other day at Harris Teeter.  It is still really motivating to know that I get great quality stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise bought or afforded previously.  Who doesn't like to treat themselves to something nice and free doesn't make it any less nice :)  Total saving is $443.18 for the month.  This means that I would have normally spent $571.88 to get the items that I purchased this month which really blows my mind!!!!  I hope that you are all on track for your spending and saving goals.

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