Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip 2/15

I am so excited by my Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip today which got me really tongue tied on where to ever start.  Normally the first day of Super Doubles is to get all of the free or nearly free items but today I was also carrying a $10 off $40 coupon that Harris Teeter had mailed me so I was super excited to use the coupon and save the additional money while getting some of the evic specials like the Cottonelle and diapers.  This was also my attempt to only make two trips to super doubles and stay within the monthly budget.  I got so much more stuff then I usually get but I think that I might have hit an all time savings with the combination of store sales and coupons.  My total out of pocket spent was $32.19 (after a return) with a savings of $143.46!!! Check out this picture below:

One of the greatest deals that I got was Harris Teeter tortillas that were on clearance because of the date.  The corn tortillas were on sale for $1 and there was a $0.75 coupon on it so they were $0.25 for each package.  The really large burrito size flour tortillas on sale for $1.50 and there was a $1 coupon on top so I got two packages for $0.50.  I tried making my own corn shells recently and I was going to buy every shell on the shelf since that was quite a project and not much to show for it. 

There was a deal on General Mill cereal which was combined with sale pricing, promotion to get $2 off of 4 cereal, coupons and evic coupons.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do until I made it to the store but I got one box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, one box of Golden Grahams, and two boxes of Honey Nut Cherios.  I had one box of Chex in the cart but I didn't make a note of the evic coupon so I put it back on the shelf for fear that it was $1/2 instead of what I later found out that it was $0.75- shucks!!!!  The boxes were $2.50 each so that was $10 for 4 boxes.  I got $2 off instantly which made them $2 (or $8 for 4 boxes).  Then I pulled out coupons and had two $1/2 coupons that doubled to save an additional $4 so I was down to $1 per box (or $4 for 4 boxes).  The evic coupons that came off was $0.75, $0.50, and $0.50.  With all these steps, it worked out to $0.56 per box.  It was certainly worth the added calculations.  If I had noted the Chex coupon, they would have been $0.37 but I did still get a great deal.  Word to the wise- make sure you note all your evics before leaving the house. 

I also found a clearance on Mrs. Dash seasonings for $1.62 on Fiesta Lime and Caribbean Citrus.  I walked through the whole store before finding the coupon for $1/2 in the 2/12 insert so I had to go all the way back to get them.  Can you tell why I was in the store for so long??

Smart Balance Milk
Activia Yogurt
Neutrogena Makeup Wipes
Kikkoman Seasoning Packet
Bounty Paper Towel (thought it was going to be $0.49 but it was on secret sale)

Good Deals: (price after coupons per item)
Old Orchard Juice $0.10 (had a coupon for one free max $3.49 and they were on sale B1G1 for $3.69)
Hefty Storage Bags $0.57 (with evic pricing)
Charmin $0.91 (with $.25 evic)
Knorr Pesto and Garlic Herb Sauce $0.54 (with $.50/2 evic)
Knorr Rice $0.16 (with $.50/2 evic)
Pampers $5.49 (with $1.50 evic)
Garlic Knots $0.50
Smart Balance Butter $0.78
Cottonelle Toilet Paper $5.47 (the second coupon didn't scan so it is more then I would normally pay)
Ellios Pizza $1.19 (anyone had these before??  We have never tried them so I hope that my son likes them)

I did have to buy a box of Dixie cups for my son's classroom so those were full price with no coupons.  We were also out of vinegar so that was just on sale with no coupons for $1.97.  Those are probably "deals" that most other people will leave on the shelf.  They were also to help me to get to the $40 total after coupons in order to use the $10 coupon!!!

Other than one coupon not scanning, I had a great trip.  I was thinking about returning one of the Cottonelle after the coupon didn't scan but we are low on our toilet paper stock pile with the decreased amount of time and deals at CVS.  But I did get the great deal on the Charmin so it might help the stockpile.  I guess I will wait until after my second trip to Harris Teeter to see what is left in the budget.  I also got $2 off of my next trip!!!!  Nice surprise that I will certainly use.  I hope that you all had great trips to Harris Teeter and let me know what deals you got :)

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  1. You stayed almost at budget with that trip! Woo! Now, if you can just stay away! :)


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