Sunday, January 1, 2012

CVS Sunday trip 1/1/12

With all of the vacation and holidays, I almost forgot it was Sunday.  I ran to the store at 9:15 which is really late for me.  I had $5 from a survey that I did before the holidays so I was trying to figure out the best way to spend it.  I was planning on getting 4 Nivea lipgloss with the $3/2 in the Red Plum and two $1 printed coupons in hand and two Skinny Cow boxed candy which was B1G1 and there was a B1G1 coupon so all of that would have been only tax.  Then I was going to take my $5 back from my first transaction and buy Pampers, using the money back from that to buy the newspaper.  There were no more diapers so my plan was foiled.

Waiting for a strike of brilliance, I went to the red box to scan to see what coupons I got today (hoping for a diaper one but not getting it).  I got the surprise of the Fall savings money which was $2 on my card.  With this new information and my brain like a calculator, I figured that I could do everything in one transaction and come out okay.  I ran to the counter and threw all my stuff down... okay, so I re-arranged the cart first, cut my coupons that I needed, and moved things back around in the cart before pushing it to the register.  Then I fumbled further because I forgot to take out my change purse and it was back at the bottom of the pile with the cart rearranging!!!  Anyway, long story to say that I spent my first $2.05 of the new year at CVS.  I hope that everyone finds something interesting this week in the sales because it has been awhile without seeing anything.  Off to a great start in the new year (minus the disorganization and missing diapers).

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