Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finishing up Freezer Cooking

After a long trip in the car and barely making it to school on time, I stopped at CVS only to find out that they were totally out of peanut butter.  I did remember to get a rain check so I can always get it next week.  I got home to package up the rice.  I use the scale to make sure that they are even and divide the rice into 8 servings (4 bags with 2 servings each) just like the bag said it was going to make. 

I had already gotten the chicken off the bone before I left this morning in order to fit them in the fridge.  I put all the bones in the bowl to double check for leftover meat and get rid of any fat that I found on the chicken I was shredding.  Then I got to shredding the chicken with two forks to get it nice and fine.  I made a big container and then the stressful part is to try to figure out how much to put in the bags and how much to leave for the enchiladas.

I bagged them all up and put them in the freezer in a nice neat pile.  Right in front of my homemade breadcrumbs (more of them to come because I have a bunch of bread frozen).
I love that this is going to make a bunch of meals coming up with only one morning of work.  Sadly, I now have to stop in order to wash all the dishes which is my least favorite part of cooking!! Here is my favorite part- a filled freezer :)

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