Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Word Gets Around Book Review

I was excited that I got the second book in the series at the same time so that I could read it as soon as I finished the other book.  The first book was a little slow to start but by the time that I finished, I was ready to find out what happened next.  Word Gets Around by Lisa Wingate was the second book in the series of three books.

A tragedy chased Lauren Eldridge from her hometown of Daily, Texas, two years ago, but she can't say no to helping her father after a risky film investment. She returns to train a skittish racehorse for the big screen and runs into the movie's handsome screenwriter, Nate. Both doubt the project can get off the ground, but does the attraction between them stand a chance? It would force Lauren to face the pain and guilt of her past, and learn not only how to accept forgiveness but also to forgive herself.

Although I was worried about the slow start to the first book and how the second book would play out, I was ready to jump in and read the second in the series and see how this wacky town would embrace the next set of problems.  Lauren is returning to the small town after avoiding it for two years but only because her father needs her.   She is working with the race horse that her father and friend are trying to get into a movie.  The horse is not ready to work with people let alone be in a movie but her father might loose everything if this doesn't go well.  She is staying in town and doing the best that she can to make the movie a success.  Nate is the screen writer who is trying to re-write the screen play which was previously a failure.  He has a lot of things to overcome in trying to make this play a success.  The amazing thing is that the town also comes together to make it work.  You have to pick up the book and find out what happens but I promise that this book is filled with crazy antics and more town craziness then the last book.  I hope that you enjoy this one more then the first if you checked them both out.

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