Friday, January 24, 2020

How I Make Money Using Swagbucks!

I started using Swagbucks in 2015 but really didn't jump into working hard at it until later in 2016.  I started tracking my gift cards purchased with my free points to see how much money that was adding back into our budget.

In 2015, I only earned one gift card in the amount of $25.  By 2016, I realized that I could do this and used points to buy 16 gift cards equaling $381. My goal was to work harder and smarter in 2017 and I earned $505 and got 20 gift cards.  I realize that this might not seem like a lot but it costs me nothing and I get a lot of money to add back in to our budget that I don't have to spend.  I knew that I could do a little better.  2018 brought 26 gift cards with $795 so I knew that I made it and finally figured out how to use this for the best.

I bet you want to know how 2019 turned out!  I did so I decided to add up the gift cards.  I earned $750 and bought 28 gift cards.  I did great with team challenges and getting lots of bonuses.  I also tried to up my usage of My Points in 2019 which I haven't used much in the past or tracked but I earned $120 on 15 gift cards.  The great part about working both systems is that My Points often gave me the gift card to finish paying for things that I already got gift cards from Swagbucks so that last $3 or $5 I needed so I didn't spend as much out of pocket.

Want to know how you can earn $870 in one year to add into your families budget, join Swagbucks and My Points and join the adventure with me!!  If you are interested in joining, check it out Swagbucks here and My Points here. There are people that earn so much more then I do but I am grateful that the work I do gives me money to add into our budget every year and get things without spending anything.

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