Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Brides of the Big Valley Book Review

I saw this on the new release section so it came home with me in the hopes that it wasn't just three stories that I already read.  I was excited to find that it was three brand new stories in The Brides of the Big Valley: 3 Romances from a Unique Pennsylvania Amish Community by Wanda E. Brunstetter.  The first was Deanna's Determination by Wanda Brunstetter.  The second was Rose Mary's Resolve by Jean Brunstetter.  The third was Leila's Longing by Richelle Brunstetter.

3 Short Stories of Love in a Unique Amish Community--Now a #1 Publishers Weekly Bestseller!

In an area of Pennsylvania called The Big Valley, a uniquely blended Amish community thrives in which 3 distinct groups of Amish identify themselves by the colors of their buggy’s top—white, black, or yellow. Join New York Times Bestselling Author Wanda E. Brunstetter, her daughter-in-law, and granddaughter in experiencing the stories of three young women who search for faith and love within this special place. Deanna is a widow who sees her second chance of love slipping away. Rose Mary is at a point in life where she must choose the path of her faith and the right man to walk with her on it. Leila is burdened with family responsibilities and wonders when she will ever start a family of her own.

The three stories couldn't be more different but more intertwined if they tried.  IT was interesting because it talked about the three different groups of Amish communities that were all different because it includes different beliefs and different color tops on their buggies.  Each of the store follow different groups so that you look into the differences in the groups.  The first story was about Denna who is a widow with a young son with downs syndrome.  Denna is working to find love after she lost her first love but her new man wants to leave her after he starts to go blind because he doesn't want to be a burden.  Denna is heart broken with all of the loss in her life but you have to read her story to see how it turns out.  The second story was about Rose Mary who was dealing with the fact that she is falling for someone inside her church that wants to become English but she makes the hard decision that they shouldn't date.  After moving on, she finds herself attracted to an English person who isn't even Amish.  She wants to stay in the church and with her family but she feels a great pull towards her new beau.  You have to pick up the book to find out what she chooses to do. The third story was about Leila who is trying to deal with everything at home and feels that means that she is going to have to give up her chance to have her own family.  She is quiet and shy and doesn't get out until her family forces her to go to a singing where she quickly meets someone.  She is drawn to someone who isn't in the same church community and she isn't sure if she should retreat to her family where she feels more comfortable or try figuring out if they have a future together.  Make sure you pick up this book and see how all three stories end because I promise that you will be drawn in and have trouble putting down this different book about the differences in the Amish cultures.

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