Thursday, December 26, 2019

Hot Item Book Review

Hot Item (Hot Zone) by Carly Phillips is the third in the series about the Hot Zone sports agency.  Each book in the series is about one of the sisters so you can get to know the whole family.  It is super fun to follow along with some people you already know from the other books and new ones that you haven't met.  The Hot Zone sports agency helps with PR and more for sports celebrities.

He'll push all her boundaries and make her realize rules are made to be broken…

Cool, collected Sophie Jordan loves her daily routine running her family's top sports management agency, as long as she gets to stay behind the scenes. But with big sister on maternity leave and little sis on her honeymoon, she's forced to step up to the plate. And a recent media crisis surrounding the disappearance of superagent Spenser Atkins is not going to make the job any easier.

Enter star quarterback and notorious bad boy Riley Nash who, for reasons of his own, needs to track down Atkins. Up until now, Sophie has kept a strict no-dating-clients policy, but each day with Riley makes her rule near impossible to follow. With her job and her heart on the line, Sophie will need to make the toughest choice of her life! *This book previously released in 2004. Updated for content and modernized.

Sophie is the quietest of the sisters and prefers to be behind the scenes but she doesn't have that chance for long with her big sister on maternity leave and her little sister on her honeymoon.  Sophie has to be the one to take the reigns and take care of things while her uncle and business partner are both gone.  Riley Nash is a quarterback that they have taken care of for awhile but he needs some extra help when he finds out some things that might change his life.  She spends some time with Riley and she is quickly rethinking her no dating clients policy.  They are fighting against things even after by saying that it will be a one time thing but while helping him take care of his personal life, Sophie learns a lot about him that makes him irresistible.  I hope that you check out this book and the rest of the great series and enjoy for yourself.

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