Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Perfect Present Book Review

It is the beginning of Christmas book and movies season for me.  I am not much into the Christmas music but I love the books and movies.  The Perfect Present by Rochelle Alers was on the shelf when I went to the library.  I grabbed a whole section of books so I would get to read lots of Christmas books until the holiday.  It is another anthology of books put together.

When Navy SEAL Captain Noah Crawford and elementary school teacher Sierra Nelson meet on a plane headed east from San Diego, they’re glad to pass the time in friendly conversation. But when a freak storm grounds them, Sierra offers Noah a place to spend the night—with her extended family, all of whom assume they’re a couple. And as the holiday spirit infuses every moment they spend together, they both begin to wonder if a relationship is a special gift they didn’t expect . . .

Kayla Matthews isn’t looking forward to heading home this Christmas. Divorced and struggling, nothing has turned out the way she expected—including her childhood friend, DeShawn Carter. Now the high school principal, he’s also the kind of man she’s always dreamed about. But before the holidays are over, Kayla has a chance to reclaim everything she once thought she wanted—or prove to DeShawn that they have a second chance worth celebrating . . .

Celebrity stylist Maya Malone can’t find anything joyous about the season, not since her ex-fiancé left her on Christmas Eve. But one look at suave, sexy sports agent Marc Cunningham is almost enough to change her mind. Their instant attraction feels like the best sort of present, except for one very large obstacle—Maya’s NFL star big brother, Marc’s new client. It will take more than holiday spirit to convince everyone involved that Marc and Maya’s connection will make the angels sing . . .

The first book was A Christmas Layover which was about Noah Crawford and Sierra Nelson get on to a plane together.  They hit it off right away and talk for the whole flight.  When they land, Noah's plane is delayed so Sierra offers to bring him home with her.  Her family makes the assumption that they are in a relationship.  It is great to see how the pretending turns out.  The second book was Christmas Lesson with Kayla Matthews going home after getting divorced to rebuild her life.  She sees her friend DeShawn Carter.  They work on become friends again but you have to pick up the book to find out what happens between them.  The last book is Christmas With You where Maya Malone works on bringing back the Christmas spirit that she lost when her ex-finance left her.  She meets Marc who they quickly bond and start dating until they realize that Marc is Maya's brothers sports agent.  Maya's brother is very over protective and doesn't want her anyway near his little sister.  It is hard to keep them apart so you need to read it to see what happens.  She I hope that you enjoy this book with all the different stories included.  It is a collection of great stories that make the holidays come alive.  On to the next Christmas book!!

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