Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Middle of the Month Budget Update for January

I can't believe how fast this month has gone and it was mostly because I didn't plan ahead (yet again) for my son's birthday party so I have to scramble after the holiday season to get invites out and get everything set up and created.  My son decided that he wanted a Minecraft Themed party so I grabbed some green plates on Christmas clearance and had no clue what else we were going to do after starting with pizza which is my son's favorite food.  They had a blast last year decorating cookies so I thought we would do that again and they do two and take one home for their treat bag.  I found a place to have it so that it doesn't have to be at the house which will be amazing.  We decided on a few different games, a minecraft face craft, and make your own minecraft village and a booklet like I made last year with activities to send home with the kids. I just have to make a few things and I should be able to pull together even though we are going to be going away for his actual birthday and then I work the following week. 

Here is what I have gotten so far for the first half of the month.  Did I mention that we had another full week super doubles at Harris Teeter and because we had a super sad excuse for a snow storm on the east coast that shut things down, we got three extra days to shop super doubles with a new sale.  I was super excited to get the extra days and then I was too busy to actually use them until the last day when I had a great friend drive me to the store which was great because I was so tired.  We had a great time going to two stores to see what was left on the shelf...answer, not much!!  So there are a lot of great deals below and a little too much over shopping!!

Giant $0.16

I went to get the free Oui yogurt and I used a coupon where I got overage so I used it to pay for some tomatoes which I will use the next time I make sauce.  I also got a surprise with $0.30 back from Saving Star so a great money maker.

Target $0

I went to Target to get some medicine because we were totally out.  I looked at Giant and they were very expensive.  I looked at CVS and they had a great selection but also high priced.  I had a gift card for Target which my husband got at work which we used for a few after Christmas deals.  I was excited to get two rolls of winter paper for $0.10 each and the strange foil animal print for $0.50.  The lifesavers were a nice treat for those at home with sore throats for around $0.89.  I decided to grab two more of the Quaker Big Chewy because they were still on sale.  Gift card covered it all so nothing out of pocket!!

Harris Teeter $14.61

It was the first day of super doubles and I got free Go-Gurt, Grain Berry cereal, Ken's salad dressing, Progresso Organic soup, Crest toothpaste, and Puffs tissues.  We were totally out of laundry detergent so I was excited to get the super double call even though All wasn't on sale, it was $1.69 after coupon.  I got the amazing deal on the Tide for $0.88 with a printable coupon which had a limit of one.  I asked another couponer in the store if she got the Tide in her paper because I  didn't and she gave me two coupons!!  Woot Woot!!!  Double win!!  I got the cereal for $0.97 each after sale and coupon.  I got the super cheap ravioli which were $0.24 a bag.  I decided to get the Freschetta pizza deal which were $2.88 after the sale and coupon and there was a rebate that I got back $0.50 for each pizza on Ibotta and $1 each from Checkout $0.50 so they were $1.38 after rebates which will make a super easy and hot winter lunch for us!!  I got another $0.25 back for any item from Ibotta.  I got back $1 for Progresso Soup, $1 for General Mills Cereal, and $1 for Go-Gurt from Saving Star.

Harris Teeter $22.08

I used my two Tide coupons from my coupon fairy that gave them to me at the other store so they were $0.88 each.  I grabbed my last two All for $1.69 because I didn't have any more coupons.  I got three Cran Grape and three Mocktails with the coupon so that they were $1.48 each after sale and coupon.  There was free sausage, Go-Gurt and Crest after sale and coupon.  I had something that got me a free Liberte yogurt which I think was a catalina coupon and I should get $0.30 back from Saving Star but haven't yet.  I grabbed the Centrum Vitamins for $6.99 less $4 coupon and I will get an additional $4 back from Saving Star but it hasn't come through yet.  I got  the Muir Glen tomato paste for $0.19 each and the tomato sauce for $0.25 and then $0.50 backs on Saving Star.  I got $1.25 back from Ibotta for Light and Fit Yogurt which I paid $0.25 for after coupon.  I got the Gushers for $0.39 each and should get $0.50 back from Saving Star.

Aldi $6.71

I needed milk and butter and I got a message from my friend that they had these neat steaks on sale for $4 off.  They were super picked over by the time that I made it there but I got one and didn't spend a ton and we got a super special treat for $3.81 more then I was planning on spending.  Hoping to eat this for two meals with one as grilled steak and one for a steak sandwich.

Harris Teeter $21.07

I went to the store farther out after Aldi because it was close to where I was.  I got free noodles, sausage and the Tetley tea.  The Tetley tea was cheaper here then all the other stores because it was $0.39 more at the other stores which was more then I was willing to spend on it even though I use it every day.  I am going to have to head out to this store from now on to get better pricing during different deals for the difference in shelf price.  The Ocean Spray was on sale cheaper here so it was an even better deal at $0.98 each after coupon but I only had one coupon left. I had only one coupon back for the Muir Glen tomatoes so I got those for $0.25 because canned tomatoes are always good to have on hand.  I bought the Cheez-It coupons from Kelloggs Family Rewards and use the limit of 3 which my family has really enjoyed eating for $1.47 for all three or $0.49 each.  I got $1 back from Checkout 51 making it an even better deal.  I got the Children's Motrin which was a pretty good deal after sale and coupon for $3.99 and there was a bonus rebate from Ibotta for $1 each.  I got the Freschetta Pizza deal reset so I grabbed three more pizzas for $2.88 and $1.50 rebate on each split between Checkout 51 and Ibotta. 

Harris Teeter $0.42

Got all the free stuff at the cheaper shelf price store that had plenty of stock on hand for all the sale deals too!!

Harris Teeter $0.37

More free stuff including a new addition because of new coupons that I was excited to see.  I use Excedrin and it is very expensive so I am so excited to get some for free.

Harris Teeter $1.96

I grabbed the free noodles, Crest, Excedrin, and sausage.  There was an evic deal to get Yoplait for free so I got the key lime one which is pretty tasty.  There was a new coupon for Ricola to be $0.19 per bag and they are our favorite cough drops.  I also got the turkey lunch meat for $0.50 per package with the meat clearance.

Trader Joes and Aldi (I think those are the only places) $0

My dad was in town and he took my son to the store to pick out anything he wanted and he threw so much in the cart.  My father also helped out by throwing in things he thought were should have too.  There are a few things that weren't at the top of our lists but we got a ton of things.  I talked him out of quite a few things although I might have put the molassas in there.  I don't know what we got but all this junk food will sadly be eaten.

Harris Teeter $17.67-$5.00= $12.67

The last thing that we needed was more toilet paper because I had plenty by the price was amazing and there was a promo to get $5 Catalina back.  Of course it didn't work but customer service took care of me and gave me cash back.  I had to buy 4 packages of toilet paper which two were on evic sale for $4.97 and two were on the sale price $5.99, the Kleenex to get the deal and they were $0.97 each on my evic sales. It still worked out great with sales and coupons.  I got the free Lance cracker deals with the newspaper that was delivered to the house that morning before leaving for the store and mine had three of the one insert so I got to get the evic limit of 2.  I decided to get the Cascadian Farms granola bars for me for $0.50 because there was a $1 back from Saving Star making it a money maker.

Harris Teeter $0.10

Grabbed all the freebies and only paid tax.

Harris Teeter $10.82- $1.03= $9.79

 This was my first time trying to do the P&G promo where you bought 3 items and got $3 back.  I bought 5 items when I should have only bought 3 because I didn't know the Crest worked in the deal so I learned my lesson.  I got the free noodles but no other freebies.  I got three more bags of the $0.19 Ricola cough drops.  My main goal was to get the granola bars for my husband which was on evic deal and I finally printed the coupons to get them for $1.37 each box which is not a great deal but it was the splurge that he wanted this month and I felt like we had wiggle room to get them.  I had one coupon to get the hot sauce for $0.50 per bottle but I didn't have any more coupons to get anymore or I would have because I think that we have gone through most of the ones that I had in my stockpile.

Harris Teeter $4.47

I got free sausage, Excedrin, and Crest.  I bought the Light and Fit yogurt which was $1.25 and I used a coupon for $0.50 which doubled so I paid $0.25 and turned in for $1.25 rebate which reset.  I thought I was going to get another rebate for $0.50 to make it money maker but I didn't read close enough and it was only for certain stores (not including Harris Teeter).  I grabbed the Always pad to get the $3 P&G promo to pay for some of the pizzas.  They were on sale for $4.88 and I used a coupon to make them $2.88.  I turned in a rebate for $1 on Ibotta ($0.50 for each pizza) and $2 from Checkout 51 ($1 each pizza) but I only got two pizzas because I only had two left on my Checkout 51 deal even though Ibotta reset again.  There was an additional $0.25 any item rebate from Ibotta making this any even better deal.

Harris Teeter $0.03

Free sausage and free Excedrin so only paid tax.

Harris Teeter $2.50- $3.00 cash back= -$0.50

I used the P&G promo $3 back to pay for the $0.19 bags of Ricola and $0.39 boxes of Fruit Gushers and either $1.99 Always.  The Excedrin and Crest were free.  There was something wrong because the promo didn't come off but customer service gave me back the money back but some coupon doubled fully so I got overage so I actually ended up in the negative when I got the money back.

Harris Teeter $4.13

There was a deal where you got $3 back for buying three P&G products and how it took me this long to get it right finally, I got overage because of the coupons and used it to cover the $0.20 bags of Ricola, $0.67 bottles of Lysol toilet cleaner and the evic special Quaker oatmeal at $1.97 each. I turned in the receipt to Ibotta to get $1.25 back from the yogurt which was free after coupon!  I just turned it in for $1.00 from Checkout 51 more!

Harris Teeter $0.67

Last store of the last second of super doubles and I got a few more things and spent very little and turned in the receipt for $0.25 any item rebate from Ibotta.

Total Retail $730.60
Total Savings $631.88
Total OOP $98.72

Biggest bonus of the month was that I transferred a little more Ibotta money back to my PayPal account and paid for 4 new pairs of shoes for my son with our free money in PayPal because they were on an amazing sale through Stride Rite.  Bigger bonus that I did it through Swagbucks and I will get more money back to buy gift cards!!  I love that I can save tons of money on groceries and use the free money to get some great things that we need.  Couponing on for the win!!!

I have a monthly budget of $160 per month for our family of three and I have spent more then half of the budget but I think that I got a lot of things that we are going to use and things that were at the lowest price to assure that we have enough for the rest of the month.  We mostly need milk, eggs and lunch meat so there is obviously still a lot of money to get deals at the store that pop up.  I also have a little of my Target gift card left to get a few things if we need it.

I have plenty in the fridge, freezer and pantry so now I just need enough time at home to figure out what to make and time to prep everything.  I hope that I will have a little bit more time to do that in the rest of the month but I have signed up to work a bunch this month!!

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