Monday, January 8, 2018

Menu Plan Monday 1/7

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken with homemade fries
Tuesday- Ground Beef Tacos
Wednesday- Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken with mac and cheese
Thursday- Pasta for my son and something else for us
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- Chicken and Rice
Sunday- Pasta

Last week was actually pretty easy to make it through even though there were a few upheavals like two more snow days so I had my son with me for two days instead of getting through my to do list so I am working to try to catch up but we have another snow day today.  On Monday last week we had my son's favorite dinner with the last of a batch of potatoes so there was lots of peeling because they were really small but luckily I refilled the potatoes with two other bags of potatoes that I already had.  We did Philly Cheese Steak Pasta on Tuesday which was really nice because it was super fast to make.  We did chicken tacos on Wednesday which was tasty and used up some more of the remaining lettuce in the fridge.  We were off Thursday so we ended up eating a frozen pizza for a late lunch so dinner was pasta for my son and leftovers for us because we were still full.  We did leftover Friday night night and cleaned out the fridge which meant that we ran the dishwasher a lot last week.  On Saturday, I made meatball sliders, cheesy gnocchi and toasted ravioli which was really tasty and easy to throw together even though I was all over the kitchen finishing the meal and expandable because my dad was in town.  Sunday was Rosemary Chicken and potatoes because we hadn't had it in a long time and it let me make it for an extra person.  We enjoyed a tasty week even though I still don't have the rest of the plan ready.

I am hoping that this was a good plan and that this week goes well.  Even though I am not sure exactly how the meals will work out, we are looking to have a tasty week even if I change the meals around a little.

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