Thursday, October 19, 2017

Taco Pizza

This is the second time that I have made this and I haven't told you about it so I thought I would share.  I haven't done a great job with pictures so I am going to try to make it up as I go along...just like I did with the recipe.  It was originally the way to use up my very little amount of taco meat to make a whole meal.  I started with this pizza crust but you can easily make your own.

I made some homemade enchilada sauce.  It is super easy to make from just a few ingredients which you can see here.  I have made both a red enchilada sauce and brown and we prefer the red one which just has a little tomato sauce in it which makes it even more perfect for pizza. The great thing is that I almost always have all of the ingredients in the pantry.

I made extra and put the other sauce in the freezer so that I would have it for enchiladas later.

 I spread the enchilada sauce and seasoned taco meat on the pizza shell.  Topped with cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese.  I baked at 400 degrees until the cheese is lightly browned which is about 15 minutes and then I wait as long as I can to cut it into 8 pieces.  We topped the pizza with thinly sliced lettuce and enjoyed the whole pizza before I took this picture of the last piece left.

It is a nice difference with the hot and spicy bottom layer and the top lettuce layer. Feel free to add anything else that you like on your tacos.  We enjoyed this tasty leftover meal and so will you!!

I hope that you check this out for yourself and enjoy it as much as we did.  If you want to make your own pizza crust, my favorite recipe is here.  I hope that you enjoy this tasty dinner with this yummy recipe.

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