Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Middle of the Month Grocery Spending and Eating Out Update

 I was afraid how this month would go because I am really bad normally on our vacation month with getting lots of special treats and overspending.  Although I justify it by saying that we would spend way more if my husband and son just went to buy what they wanted when we got to the beach.

I started off really early in the month because I didn't get to buy the things that I wanted at the end of June because I wasn't free until the weekend and that pushed me into July.  I went to three grocery stores in one day just to get everything we needed.

Harris Teeter $7.93 + $8.30= $16.23

I went to the store first thing on Sunday morning to get the free sour bears...okay I needed other groceries too but I went on the weekend so that I could get the free sour bears.

I got free Smithfield sausage which I need to cook up and freeze with the rest of the frozen sausage.  I also got a free coupon for the ice cream that I also put in for a $1 rebate so it was a money maker.  I got the sliced cheese which was on sale for $2.50 had an electronic $1 off coupon and I used two $0.55 off coupons which doubled to $1.10 off so they were $0.90 each... Then, $1 rebate on one site and two $0.50 rebates on another one and they were on sale and I used a coupon so they were money makers.  They have come in handy a few times and used them for sandwiches and other things through vacation.

I got the Ocean Spray because we were running very low and it was on sale.  I packed one to take on vacation and the rest went in the extra fridge.  I grabbed the mini doughnuts which were $0.49 after sale and coupon because I thought my family would enjoy them for vacation.  I knew that I needed a head of lettuce for a few meals on vacation so I got it here because it is $0.99 which is cheaper then Aldi.  My husband was out of vitamins so I got those which were on sale and used a coupon so they were $2.99 and my last minute addition because I remembered while in the checkout line.  I actually ended up checking out twice because I kept forget things!!

Aldi $11.54

I went to the store to get milk and pretzels because we were out of both and grabbed the chicken because I thought we might be running low on at least once and it would save me going back to the store to figure out which one.

Wegman's $29.60

I prefer the meat at Wegman's so I grabbed the family pack of chicken and ground beef so that I could portion it up and freeze it.  Some of it was used for our vacation food and others saved for the rest of the month.  We were out of mac and cheese and planned to have that a few times over vacation but only got to eat it once.  I was glad to stock up on everything.

Aldi $5.56 - $2.04= $3.52

I went to the store to get a few things and return the ice cream sandwiches which were horrible last time I got them.  I even went as far as getting two boxes so I was super quick to return one box so that I could get my money back and a new box of ice cream because we had two horrible boxes of ice cream sandwiches which of course my son still ate because horrible ice cream sandwiches are better then none!  I was totally out of the huge stockpile of frozen flour tortillas that I got years ago so I got one for vacation and they were amazing.  I also got an extra bag of chips for vacation for my two salsa eaters.    I also grabbed a package of taco seasoning because we are totally out of all the free ones so I figured that I would try so who knows if I will like it but I hope that I can find a homemade mix that I like but I haven't been super successful yet with the few that I tried..

Aldi $2.75 - $2.96= -$0.21

I had to go back to the store to return the shortening because the one that I bought at the store was open....UGH!!  Why does that happen when I am in a hurry.  I took my son and his friend to a birthday party and went to the store while they were playing.  I had to get another salsa because the store the other day was totally out and another box of sugar cones because my family decided we couldn't come up short when it came to cones on vacation (I packed 2 1/2 boxes).  We luckily didn't run out but only because I went back to the store to get more against what I was thinking.  The return of the shortening made these groceries free!!!

Harris Teeter $6.82

I was exhausted with my long list of things to do before we left for vacation so after working late into the night, I knew that I didn't have enough energy to make it to the store but I decided that I would get up extra early (so after only a few hours sleep), I finished some packing and went to the grocery store before we were going to leave on vacation.  I couldn't pass up the free items.  I got free Barilla noodles (and I think money maker with an electronic coupon) which I was excited to try (they weren't a hit with my son).  I got free Puffs tissues and free Listerine dental floss.  I got the Raspberry Lemonade for $0.09 which is almost free!

I was excited to find the Cocoa Pebbles on sale for $2 and I had a coupon for $1/2 and it was super doubles so I paid $1.00 each and turned in a rebate for $0.80 each on Ibotta so they were only $0.20.  I was just sad that I didn't buy another two because my son loves it so much.  I bought tomatoes for $0.37 for the can and turned them in for $0.25 rebate.  I got the Rev wrap for $0.50 after sale and coupon and turned in two rebates for $1.00 form Mobi Save and $0.75 from Checkout 51 so it was a money maker.   I used the meat sliced up and cooked for the salad on vacation and toasted the wrap with the cheese for a flatbread on the side of the salad.  I bought three boxes of the Very Berry Cheerios which were super cheap at $0.09 per box and I ended up getting a Saving Star rebate back for $1 (which I wasn't sure I was going to get).  I got one container of the Yoplait Custard Yogurt to make scones on vacation so it was $0.50 after sale and coupon and I got a $0.25 rebate from Saving Star.

The Chex Mix was the thing that actually drove me to the store because my husband and son love to have them on vacation and the four bags that I got would normally cost $11 which is crazy in my opinion.  They were on sale half off and there were coupons for $0.50 off 2 so and I got them for $0.87 each...not a great deal but a good vacation splurge.  I got a $0.50 Saving Star rebate too for a little added bonus which would make them $0.75 each after rebate. Took the picture on the belt at the store so that I could rush out as soon as I got home.

Weis $13.11

We stopped at the store after getting into our vacation condo.  There was a deal that if you bought 6 tubs of Turkey Hill Ice Cream then you got them for $1.99.  It seemed like a great deal and I compared against other stores and it was only $2 or $3 more for two more gallons which we weren't planning on buying.  This way gave us enough for lots of ice cream treats throughout vacation.  We finished both mint chocolate chips and the cookies and cream.  We almost finished the black raspberry which was really tasty.  The chocolate and the fruit sherbet were about half gone but we have to trash them at the end of the weeks stay.  We finished the whole head of lettuce with chicken fajitas and beef tacos and chopped salad using it all up.

Aldi $13.71

I went to the store to get milk and lunch meat but ended up with a few more things in the cart since I didn't make a list.  The milk was only $0.96 because I went to the store that was less expensive.  The eggs were $0.59 so I decided to buy those because it is cheaper then the other stores and we only had a few eggs.  I got a backup butter and then we decided we were hot and got more ice cream sandwiches.

We had a long day so when I unloaded the car, I forgot the bag in the trunk which I unloaded second and took a picture of second with crackers, sugar cones and two jars of medium salsa because we finished all those things over vacation too.

Total Retail $228.86
Total Saving $134.54
Total OOP $94.32

I think that I did pretty well for the first half of the month with vacation and missing the end of the month shopping from last month which ended me well under budget for June.  I still have $65.68 left in the budget for the month so hoping that I can make it work with a few great deals.

Our Eating Out Total

We got pizza when friends came to visit which ended up being a lot more then expected because the Little Caesars was closed and we didn't plan far enough ahead for backup plans but ended up at Papa John's which was the only thing showing up on the GPS.  My husband (obviously after too many years with me) ordered the three pizzas and when the lady said the total he questioned her.  He said there was a menu but no prices on anything.  They reworked the three pizzas and added a soda to save some money so that was $38.00.  My husband looked up the pricing online and asked the lady there why he couldn't get that price and she said that it was only online.  How irritating?!

My husband took my son to the playplace at the McDonalds and got a drink and fries for them and coffee for my cousin so that was $3.99 so the total spent for the month was $41.99.  We did eat out at Pete's Steak Shop (lots), Thrashers fries $10, Kohr Brothers Ice Cream $11, and Grottos Pizza (lots) which my mom and cousin picked up the tab for so there was lots and lots of eating but staying low at $41.99 OOP.

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