Sunday, June 4, 2017

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Adventures!

It has been so long since I have been couponing and our cabinets are really starting to show that there isn't a lot of extra food because the monthly budget of $160 per month for our family of three isn't stretching very far without coupons and deals.  I sorted and cut all my coupons and loaded up my coupon basket with lots of printed coupons to hit the first morning of super doubles.  I had a list but it was a little vague as to what I was going to be able to get for my coupons.

I went to the store and started piling things in the cart and realized that I was going crazy.  I grabbed a small plastic basket to put on the bottom of my cart and started dividing the items.  I called my husband and told him I needed him to come to the store to get some of the things and please print the coupons that I forgot to print!!  He brought my son and we proceeded to take a few things out of the cart because I went a little crazy with the deals and was over the 20 coupon limit.  We narrowed down what we were getting and checked out.

My Checkout $8.87

My Husband's Checkout $1.37

My Son's Checkout $4.34

The best news is that my tea would be free after coupons and we were almost totally out of iced tea bags so I had started experimenting with the regular tea bags to see how many I would need.  Great news is that experiment can be over because I filled the cupboard with enough to last a few months.

I was also getting sad that we hadn't gotten any real deals on shampoo in a few months so definitely added to the stockpile.  I got 11 bottles for free.  It would have been 12 but I had to put one back to stay under the coupon limit.  My husband stocked up on his expensive shampoo for a fraction of the price because they stopped carrying the smaller bottles this is the best deal that I can get at $2 each plus tax.

My husband was sad that it was lawn mowing season and he didn't have any gum!  Problem solved with free Trident and 12 packs so hoping to get us through the summer months :)  He was also sad because I made my bread that he likes to dip and I didn't have any olive oil left.  They had two olive oils on sale and I got the smaller one because I had a better coupon so it was $3.99 after sale and coupon.  He was also out of vitamins so I grabbed the cheapest one with a coupon so they were $2.99.

My most unexpected deal was the string cheese.  It is normally $4.69 a package (obviously why we never get it).  It was on sale half price with the buy one, get one sale.  I used the coupons to get $6 off so they were $0.34 per bag or about $0.03 per cheese stick!  That is a bargain so I stocked up and we will enjoy them!!

My strange deal was the Zatarain's Rice Mix because there were two kinds on the shelf.  The more expensive ones were on sale for $1.50 but there weren't any flavors that I liked.  The others on the shelf were $1.55 so I paid $0.05 to get a flavor that I knew we would enjoy.  I always think it is strange when they put different ones on the shelf on sale and not others.

My favorite deals were the sausage rolls because they were $3.99 and the coupon made it free!!  The pizza dough was a nice deal and they were free after coupon even though the coupon didn't scan.  The customer service person put it in and took care of it easily.  The Black Forest Candy was free with my weekend evic deal so I got the sour ones that my family will love!

Total Retail $185.77
Total Savings $171.19
Total OOP $14.58

Super excited to grab so many great deals and make the money go a lot farther this month.  I am hoping that I can get some more deals before the sale is over.  I don't know if there will be enough stock but I am going to try at least once more.

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