Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Middle of the Month May Shopping Update

I can't believe that it is already the middle  of the month but I know that I went a little crazy this month with purchases....especially after the last trip to Harris Teeter.  There was a coupon to get $5 off $50 purchased and Cranberry Juice and Granola Bars were on sale so we added the toilet paper deal which ended up making everything cheaper because of the coupon.

Here is what I got so far for the month and what I have spent.  I don't think that I did too badly but I certainly did go a little over my halfway mark for the month in spending.  I budget $160.00 for groceries for my family of 3 for groceries and all household goods.  We do a good job of coming under it most months and have been under every year since I started this process.  My notebook that I am currently using started in 2013 and tracks each month and year since then and what I spent what stores I spent it at.  It is helpful for me to track my spending and report here to keep me accountable.

Aldi $5.29

I went to get chips and salsa because my son decided that he liked them so we went through all the stuff that we had in the house and my husband was complaining that he didn't get any.  We were also out of pretzels which is what my husband ate in replacement.

Aldi $23.12

Just a few days later I was back at the store to get more chips and the salsa was just in case but we are already into it.  We were totally out of potatoes and ice cream sandwiches (important food group).  I got two boxes of crackers for my lunches.  I bought a back up oil, popcorn chicken, and chicken fries because I thought that it would stop me from going back to Aldi's later in the month.  I thought we needed rice but I was wrong but it won't go to waste for sure!!

 Wegman's $10.93

I went to get Vital Wheat Gluten for my bread making and of course they changed the package again and I couldn't find it.  I also wanted to get salt potatoes because they are a special treat that we like in the summer.  I grabbed three boxes of mac and cheese, YUM!  There was a sale on Raspberry Lemonade for $1.99 so I grabbed it because it was way cheaper then the darn Cran Grape!

Aldi $18.73

We were back at Aldi's again so soon with three trips before the middle of the month!  We were out of corn tortillas, tortilla chips and pretzels again!!  I grabbed some $0.49 eggs and carrots.  My husband wanted bananas so I brabbed a bunch on sale for $0.28 per pound.  We were out of blue cheese dressing so I got the Aldi kind which I haven't tried before but I figured that I would get the guarantee if we didn't like it.  I got some cheese hoping that would last us the rest of the month.  Who knows if I can make it work but I am going to try!!

Harris Teeter $46.48

They had a free bag of Smartfood over the weekend so I decided to wait for that and was amazed that it was the smallest bag I had every seen.  I had a promotion for four boxes of Quaker Chewy Bars for $1.77 and I grabbed all of the boxes on the shelf with the two additional ones being $2.  The Ocean Spray was finally on sale for buy one, get one free so they were about $2 each.  My husband and son picked out some Gatorade for $0.47 for a special treat.

Wegman's $3.99

Aldi $10.80

 Total OOP $119.34

I think that I did get a lot even if I did over spend.  I think that 5 bags of chips might be a bit much but they were only a little over a $5 for all of them which is the same as one bag of Doritos.  We haven't had a lot of snacks around the house and I have been trying to keep up with baking but I guess I haven't been doing a great job.  Here is hoping that the rest of the month goes really well and under budget with only $40 left to spend!!! UGH!

Hope that you have a good month so far too!!  Good luck for the rest of the month!

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