Monday, April 24, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 4/24

Monday- Grilled Chicken with white rice
Tuesday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken and homemade fries
Wednesday- Pasta with leftover pizza bites
Friday- Leftover Nights
Saturday-Eating Out
Sunday- Paninis or leftovers

Last week actually went mostly according to plan which is kind of crazy after being away for a week.  I was a little slow at taking the food out to defrost but the great thing was that I just switched two nights if they weren't defrosted and things went well.  Over the weekend, we did breakfast for dinner with eggs and hashbrowns on Saturday night and Pizza Bites and Mac and Cheese on Sunday. 

I had to spring into action to try to get food in the house which was off to a slow start since we needed milk.  I made rolls early in the week for my husband's lunch and then nothing else until the weekend.  I made chocolate chip cookies, sandwich bread and blackberry muffins on Saturday.  On Sunday, I made peanut butter cookies, cinnamon rolls and pizza bites.  It too a little effort and a lot of dishes but we now have some food in the house.  My husband also made a quick trip to the dump to get rid of some wood in the back yard from the previous owners and picked up mulch.  I asked while he was out there if he could stop at Wegman's and get some things.  Even though he knew it was going to be the busy weekend time, he still went and got chicken, ground beef and mac and cheese so we are going to be all set for another month with meat for sure!!  Now I just have to freeze everything in the portions that we are going to eat them in and make some salsa sloppy joes for the freezer.

We are going with our new schedule this week with grilled chicken on Monday (because the weather is hopefully perfect for grilling), my son's favorite dinner Tuesday (because there is no soccer practice), Pasta on Wednesday (for early soccer practice day), Thursday is Tacos using ground beef, Friday is leftovers and the weekend follows our crazy schedule.  I hope that you have a tasty week and enjoy some yummy meals too!!

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