Friday, March 10, 2017

Wife for Hire Book Review

I moved on to the next book in my pile which was Wife for Hire by Janet Evanovich.  I was excited to read another great book in the series that I have been enjoying.  The great thing is that these are little paper backs that fit into my bag so that I can easily carry them everywhere to read a little when I get a chance anywhere.  I always carry a book with me so that I can read whenever I have a chance.

Hank Mallone knows he's in trouble when Maggie Toone agrees to pretend to be his wife in order to improve his rogue's reputation. Will his harebrained scheme to get a bank loan for his business backfire once Maggie arrives in his small Vermont town and lets the gossips take a look?  Maggie never expected her employer to be drop-dead handsome, but she's too intrigued by his offer to say no . . . and too eager to escape a life that made her feel trapped. The deal is strictly business, both agree, until Hank turns out to be every fantasy she ever had.

I loved Maggie from the first time meeting her in this book because she has an amazing personality.  She was a crazy red head that was sick of the life she was living in her small town so she decided to leave her teaching job to write a book about her Aunt Kitty.  In order to support herself, she still needs a job so she goes to an employment agency that finds her a job as a wife for hire.  She meets Hank and decides that she is going to take the job and get the chance to write her book.  There are so many funny antics in this book with Maggie, Hank and they housekeeper.  It is a laugh a minute in this page turner.  I hope that you check out this book and all the others in this series.  I know that you will enjoy them as much as I have.

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