Monday, March 13, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 3/13

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken with homemade fries
Tuesday- Pasta
Wednesday- Tacos
Thursday- Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken with mac and cheese
Friday- Leftover Night
Saturday- ?

Last week I never got around to replacing Thursday's meal so we ended up with leftovers which worked out well because we had a pot luck on Friday night which is normally leftover night.  We fed my little man leftover pancakes before going to the pot luck because I knew that he was more interested in playing with the kids and less interested in pot luck food.  My husband and I ate there and I brought beer bread which I made with things in the house.  Woo Hoo!! Saturday night was a question mark last week with options listed so we went with meatball sliders on the rest of the rolls that were leftover from my husband's week of sandwiches.  We had the birthday party on Sunday so we got food afterwards.

This week's birthday party is Saturday so we will see what we do for dinner after the party but I have a feeling that he will be ready to have one of his favorite meals so I might cook him up some chicken fries with leftovers or something we decide on.  Here is hoping for good week that isn't too busy.  I know that I have the ingredients for lasagna (might need Parmesan cheese from Aldi or make due with what we have) which I am also planning on making hopefully during the week so I can just pop it in the oven on Sunday but time will tell when that gets made with hopefully a little extra sausage sauce for the fridge to use later with some pasta.  Bad news is that this will be the last of the canned and boxed tomatoes that I have to make spaghetti sauce with so I am a little bummed that have not replaced the huge stock pile that I got awhile ago with new couponing spoils.  I think that the deals are getting less good and I am waiting for this amazing free deal that isn't coming.  I guess I will have to settle for higher prices soon because we are out of spaghetti sauce and tomatoes!!!  Luckily, we use those less in the summer months except for salsa sloppy joes so we won't need as much. 

Do you have any yummy plans??  If it is still cold where you are, are you trying to fit in some of those winter favorites before the season ends?  We are supposed to have snow this week here so I am crossing my fingers for a snow day even though I don't think that we will have it.  I hope that you have a tasty week and enjoy the end of winter.

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