Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Halfway Through the March Shopping Update

I did pretty well in February after a horrible start to the year in January.  I was hoping for the best start to the month.  I think that I did pretty well!!  Here is what I got so far for March:

Aldi $21.68

I had a list and very limited amount of time to get everything on the list.  I think that it was in the store for less time than the round trip.  I threw things in the cart like a crazy person but I got everything on the list that my son wrote for me.  I stocked up on everything that we were totally out of.  The potatoes were $3.49 which isn't a great price but it was a $1 less then when I looked last week so I grabbed two.  We use a lot of potatoes.  I haven't tried their hot sauce before because I had over 10 Texas Pete that I had gotten really cheap and we just finished all of those and the two back up Franks that I had and the two Tabasco that I got for free!!!  We were out of a hot sauce which is a problem in this household.  We were also out of almost everything else in the picture so good trip.

Harris Teeter $19.07

I went to the store to get the two freebies that were available only on the weekend so I was again left with a small window.  I raced to the store and grabbed these two freebies and a few other great deals that I put on my list including lettuce because it is cheaper than Aldi's and half price string cheese and ricotta.  It is going to stay colder for one more week here so I am fitting in one more lasagna before the weather gets warm and we won't want them anymore.  YUM!!!  The Coke was on sale Buy 2, Get 3 Free which is the best price normally at $2.80 a case and we were totally out so it was good timing...although probably a not needed expense!  Oh well, still a great trip.

Aldi $19.56

I went to the store to get lunch meat, pretzels, milk and Parmesan cheese because we were out of all of them.  I can't believe how quickly they went through the pretzels.  I also knew that we were running low on pepperoni so I thought that it was a good idea to grab them just in case.  I looked through the cupboards to see if I was running low on anything else and I was almost out of shortening so I added it to the list.  There was a lot of people at the store because we were getting a snow storm so it took longer to check out then normal.  Forgot about stocking up for the storm but I think that we are all set.

 Total Retail $106.61
Total Savings $46.30
Total OOP $60.31

I wasn't sure what was on the list ahead of time for the month but I think that as long as left over half the budget, I am doing pretty well.  With almost $100 left in the budget, I am sure that I can get some great deals going forward to stock the cupboards, fridge and freezer.  I hope that you are having a good month too!!!


  1. Wow! You always amaze me with how well you do at the grocery store! This post was no exception! =)

    1. There really isn't anything too amazing about these trips because two of them are Aldi but I still think that I did pretty good for the month so far. I even got to make the lasagna and lots of other foods on our snow day so I am super caught up on lots of cooking. Of course, I am sitting here wishing that we had some brownies or something else to munch hopefully tomorrow :) I hope that your moth is going as well at the store and with budget.


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