Monday, February 27, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 2/27

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken with homemade fries
Tuesday- Pasta
Wednesday- Filet Steak
Thursday- Chicken and Rice Casserole
Friday- Leftover Night
Saturday- Breakfast for Dinner
Sunday- ??

The rest of the family is sick while I am feeling better but we made it through the week pretty well according to plan.  When we got to leftover night, it was like 80 degrees outside and we had very little leftovers int he fridge.  I made my son some leftover chicken and french fries.  My husband grilled a hamburger from the freezer and some boneless chicken I just bought.  I also put some tater tots in with the fries so we would have a little side dish.  I made a chopped salad with fried pepperoni and homemade croutons.  We used up a lot of things in the fridge, freezer and cleaned up the kitchen to start the new week even though it wasn't a usual leftover night.  The great news is that I took the lasagna out of the freezer to make over the weekend whenever we had time so I was ready to make it.  Amazing that everything fell in place with sickness and me finally back to working both of my jobs this week after months of being sick so I am glad that we were able to pull it together and make it through the week....until I realized that it was already a new month that I had to do the darn meal plan for!!!  UGH!

I went to the basement and figured out what was in the freezer- 6 bags of boneless chicken, 4 bags of ground beef, 2 bags of cooked ground sausage, 7 whole chickens,  2 Barber Chickens and 6 bags of meatballs.  We have a lots of stuff in the house so I started making a plans for the month to see what we actually needed at the store to fill in the blanks.  I started by filling all of the jars in the cupboard to get them ready for recipes like applesauce bread, chocolate chip muffins, scones and corn bread.  I have been meaning to try another recipe to see if I can find one that my husband likes better so I went to the internet and searched.  It is currently in the oven so time will tell if that works out to be the new recipe (stay tuned for recipe post soon).  The menu plan quickly took form with all Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays filled in.  I went with beef on Wednesday and Chicken on Thursday down the middle so only the weekends left to figure out.  Here is the first week of March!!


  1. Wait, you were really sick for months and unable to work both your jobs? What was wrong? I feel that I either missed that or forgot about it. In any case, I'm glad you feel better but sad that your family is still sick. Goodness, it seems that everyone has been sick lately with one thing or another, doesn't it?!

    I haven't done my menu for the week yet. Last week I actually did it on the fly without really checking my fridge and I paid for that with food waste so today I'm really going to look in my fridge first. We have leftovers for tonight so at least I'm not under the gun to get it done today, though.

    You do have tons of food in your freezer so you're in good shape for March! I do too. I need to inventory it and I would like to stock up on seafood this month as we have none and I miss it.

    I hope you all get better and that you have a good week, Alison!

    1. Luckily I could mostly pull it together to work my one job but I just added my first hours to my second job since 12/20!! We had Christmas and then my son birthday and then one sickness after the next. I had the stomach bug that is going around here which luckily hit over the weekend and just knocked me out for a Monday where my husband took my son to school and all of the other things I couldn't function to do. Then after that passed I got this congestion thing which is horrible because there are so many stages. I am currently on the coughing part which has been hanging on for weeks. I am mostly healed and I think that have all gotten all of the winter sickness just in time for the allergies to start here :(

      I started the menu plan and I think that I made some great progress but it is hard to do when I really don't know what is going on this month because it is the only time that we are going to have a break between basketball and soccer so we might do something fun over the weekends so they are the last to get planned. I know that I leave Friday leftover night to pull things out of the fridge now to use up because I don't have the energy to make a big meal after a long week but it also helps use things up...of course, I was supposed to make a salad last Friday and the lettuce is now going bad because I didn't do it so I certainly feel your pain. Food waste happens a lot more without a plan for us too (or when I change from the plan).

      I have a ton ready for March so I don't think that we will need that much but produce and milk. We don't do seafood but this seems like the perfect season for you with the weather getting nicer and still not too hot!! Hope you find some great seafood deals!!

      Thanks for the well wishes. Everyone went off to school and work today so I am hoping that means we are on the road to recovery! Although I could really use a nap :)

  2. February is such a short month -- it's crazy how three fewer days can make such a big difference in how the month feels. I am planning to stick to primarily foods we have on hand for this month, too. You've got a lot of good proteins in your freezer to build your meals around, so that is nice!

    1. It is nice when I actually get the mix right and we have lots of proteins to get through the month because that certainly saves on the money so that I can pay the least for the proteins that I get in the future. I need a lot of things that make the proteins into a meal at this point but hoping to make it to the store soon and pick some up. I am sure that March is going to seem like a really long month for sure!


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