Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Month End Budget Final Numbers

This month seems to have gone totally out of control.  I thought that I was doing really well at the beginning with super doubles but I think that I got a little off track very early in the month. Looking back, I don't know if I can point the trouble to one bad purchase or one thing gone wrong but just over spending in general.

Below is what I got for the month and what I spent:

Harris Teeter $4.99

Harris Teeter $23.03

Harris Teeter $31.51

Harris Teeter $6.72

Harris Teeter $16.96 


Aldi $11.73

Wegman's $25.96

Harris Teeter $26.99

Harris Teeter $42.65

Harris Teeter $6.60

Aldi $13.88

Target $3.67

Monthly Total Retail $664.79
Monthly Total Savings $450.10
Monthly Total OOP $214.69

 I am $54.69 over budget for the month with everything that I spent even though I used sales, coupons, gift cards and everything else possible to get the best deals.  I know that I bought a little too much junk food this month as well as some things that we didn't totally need but I got a ton of stuff for the money so I am not feeling as bad I should for going that far over budget on the first month of the year.

For February and going forward, I still have a lot in the freezer including 6 bags of ground beef, 7 bags of chicken, 9 whole chickens, 2 bags of cooked ground sausage, 1 bag chicken fries, 1 bag popcorn chicken, 7 bags of meatballs, 10 bags of cheese ravioli, and two boxes of Barber chicken left.  I know that I have plenty of things to get though the month and the only thing currently on the list is blue cheese from Trader Joes.  So I am hoping that I can stick to a $100 budget for February to make up for the difference in spending but if it doesn't happen then I am sure it will work out during the year.

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