Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hero at Large Book Review

I was looking through the books that I got at the book sales with my free coupons and found two Janet Evanovich books.  I decided to look for the series those were part of and I found a new series of books to start.  I couldn't figure out what was the start and the end but I did some digging and it looked like the list was backwards so I started at the beginning of the series with Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich.

It seems like good luck when gorgeous and mysterious Ken Callahan stops to help single mom Chris Nelson with her car. But then she breaks his arm...then his toe...and then his heart. Not easily discouraged, Ken moves into her basement...cooks her potholder in the spaghetti sauce...attempts to seduce her with cookies...and destroys her favorite pan by trying to make a roast in it. All may seem lost for Chris and Ken, until a meddlesome Aunt Edna, a ride on a Zamboni and a genuine love of family all conspire to turn their luck around.

This book started off with a bang because Chris Nelson had her car die on the side of the road at the very beginning of the book (don't worry Stephanie Plum followers...it didn't blow up).  There were plenty of comical parts that Janet Evanovich is known for because Chris continually has accidents that seem to happen that keep you laughing.  Ken moves into the house because he is in a cast and needs to get recovered before returning to work.  While he is staying there, Chris finds herself alone with him and falling in love.  I hope that you check out this book and the new series of Janet Evanovich books that I have found.  I know that you will enjoy them as much as I have.  I does seem like they are all about different characters after looking at the next one so they might not have to be read in order which might have been why it was so difficult for me to figure out the order.  I guess I will see!!

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