Sunday, February 5, 2017

Finally A New Month! February Shopping Started.

I was looking for a few things this month but didn't think that there were too many things that I needed to get.  I went way over budget last month so I was hoping for a low month to stay under $100.  Cross your fingers and wish me the best because I don't know if I am off to the best start.  I got a few things but I don't know if they all fall under the need category but the great news is that they nothing will go to waste for sure!  And I apologize in advance for my long Aldi story...feel free to skip the second paragraph because it has nothing to do with what I got but just my bad experience.

Anyway, here is what I have purchased so far this month.

Trader Joes $6.95

I went to get the blue cheese because we were totally out and my husband likes his buffalo chicken with fresh crumbled blue cheese.  This huge container is $3.49 and it is way tastier then the stuff at Aldi so you need to use less for the flavor so it lasts us awhile...although often causes a stink in the fridge so it has to be double containered.  I was in line forever when I saw the vinegar that I just finished so I splurge purchased it because it wasn't in the plan but I will be enjoying when I finish my homemade salad dressing and have to make more.

Aldi $16.72

We were totally out of milk so I knew that I was headed to Aldi's to get this and added eggs to the list if they were under $1.  They were $0.59 so I got two!!  I used the last two eggs when I went home that night so we are already using these.  I was out of the thin wheat crackers and still had some of my yummy cheese so I got two boxes which should last a little while.  I also planned on making Salsa Sloppy Joes next week and my husband ate all the salsa with chips!  Boo!!!  I got another jar since I didn't think I had anything to make homemade salsa and I just realized that I froze some jalapenos, have my free onion, and canned diced tomatoes!  UGH!  I might have to make some tomorrow and save the salsa.  I also got some garlic salt which we are running low on so that we don't run out.  I passed on the super cheap chicken because I didn't want to cut it and spend the money but I grabbed another bag of the chicken because I thought I should....we still had one of each in the freezer.  Oops! 

Then I had the worst cashier (okay not the world's worst because the eggs came home in one piece) but she was grumpy.  They closed down the cash register next to her which is why I got in her line in the first place because I actually had to change lanes.  The line went crazy after her and she called for the other lady to come back and she finally did to check people way farther down in line.  If she had just stayed and checked me out, it would have been way easier.  Anyway, my cashier was super friendly and having a long conversation with the person in front of me and barely spoke two words to me.  I kind of forgot to pull over to the area to pack the bags and I went the middle of cold winter temperatures.  Then I was thinking that was a mistake but I could throw the stuff in the bags outside instead of going around a circle to go back inside.  While I was there confused and trying to figure out my plan, a woman came up and asked if she could have my cart....which I was clearly not done using because I hadn't even packed the bags.  I told her yes because I thought she couldn't work the coin operated part to get another shopping cart.  She said that she didn't have a quarter and she didn't know why they wouldn't take other money.  I told her she could go inside and get change and they would help her.  She stood right by my cart the whole time.  I would normally carry my bags to the car but I got a little weirded out and said I still needed to bring the groceries to the car...she followed me.  I put the stuff in the car slowly...It was only three bags so there wasn't that much rearranging.  She took the cart and offered me no money..not even the dime she said she had.  I realize that this is only a quarter and people have certainly left me carts before but this some how this set me on edge and I was up in arms about my quarter and this creepy lady.  After giving up my cart, I was also thinking twice about going back in and getting that chicken at $1.49 per lb but I had enough of Aldi for the day.

Giant $6.15

I looked online to find the cheapest Heinz ketchup because we were at the very end of the bottle that we had.  We even put the date on it because I wanted to see how long it lasted!  The last date was 12/12 and we have an almost empty 32 oz. bottle.  Estimating that it would last about 2 months, I was hoping to pick up around 4 bottles of the 38 oz ketchup that said it was on sale for $2.50 each in the ad online.  There was a 32 oz bottle on sale at Harris Teeter but Giant is seconds from the house and offered a bigger bottle so I was excited that I would have time to do this before early school dismissal.  I went into the store and there was no sale tag on the 38 oz ketchup so I looked through the whole ad and it wasn't the ad I saw on the computer last night!!!  WHAT?!  I went out to the car and searched on my phone for the ad and only saw the one I was looking at in the store which started that day!  I must have been looking at yesterdays ad!  I was so not pleased.  They had another ketchup deal so I grabbed 4 of the smaller 20 oz bottle which were $1.50 each only when you bought 4 so I left with 4 bottles of ketchup even though they weren't the ones that I was planning on!  Don't you hate when shopping trips don't go as planned.

Total Retail $42.58
Total Savings $12.76
Total OOP $29.82

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