Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Half of the Month Update

I can't believe that it is already half way through the month but I think that we have done pretty well for our spending. Check it out below:

Eating Out

There has been only one eating out spending at $18.81 for food when we were at the snow tubing adventure.  We haven't gotten a lot of snow this winter so we took the time and money to try out snow tubing which we have never done.  My son and husband had fun and we ate a lunch at the ski lodge when they were done but we literally got very little food with chicken tenders, personal pizza and french fries and none of the food was amazing and it cost a lot more then we would have paid at a restaurant for better food.  That being said, we were spending time with friends and as a family so I wouldn't have done it differently.

My parents did come to visit and bought food for my son at Wendy's and Little Caesars while they were here as well as Chinese food for my birthday celebration meal.  Those meals were all paid for by them and I am hoping that this will give my family their fill on eating out for the month so that we aren't spending a lot more for the rest of the month. Only time will tell how the month works out.


I was glad to get to the store a few times this month and I already posted the results and descriptions of the trips here.  However, this is about my spending so here are my three trips and my total spent so far.  I could have cut back and not bought the vinegar, salsa, chicken and garlic salt yet but they were all things that we are going to use in the coming months so it wasn't a waste of money but when trying to cut back, it was a little more then I should have spent.  While my parents were in town, they used all the milk that we had and bought another gallon so we were all set for milk for a little longer with no money out of pocket.  I am hoping to stay close to $100 for the month and I think that will this total at the halfway point, I will make it under budget.  Crossing my fingers and hoping to make the most out of everything currently in the house.

Trader Joes $6.95

Aldi $16.72

Giant $6.15

Total Retail $42.58
Total Savings $12.76
Total OOP $29.82

Here is hoping that you are having a good month too!!!  Staying under half of my monthly eating out and grocery budget so thinking that the month might go well and hoping that you are as well. 

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