Monday, January 30, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 1/30

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken and homemade french fries
Tuesday- Pasta
Thursday-Spicy Honey Mustard
Friday- Leftover Night
Saturday-Roasted Chicken
Sunday-Breakfast for Dinner

I am very surprised that this week went so well with so little time to prepare and because I was starting off sick.  I am feeling way better now and back to my old self.  I was hoping to get lots done this weekend and I don't think that I got a ton done but we went out to finally get the rest of our returns done from Christmas and my son's birthday which have been hard to do because the stores haven't gotten restocked with things to exchange the items for.  Luckily, we only have one Skylanders left that has to go to Toys R Us to trade for one that isn't out yet so here is hoping that it comes out soon and I don't have to carry it in the car forever.  We went to Home Depot to use the $10 off coupon that I got in my email and this was the last day to use it and we got our last (hopefully) bat of insulation to do the attic, super glue to fix something that my husband broke (UGH!), filters for the furnace and a clearance paint (normally $45, it was a mistake so I got it for $9).  We used all the gift cards that we had left and only had to pay $9.09 so it was my major win for the day!!  Bad news is that we are out of Home Depot gift cards so I need to start working hard on swagbucks to get some more credits.

The great news is that I am ready for another week which just happens to go into February!!  I haven't done the February menu plan yet but I started by filling in Monday night for Chicken fries and Buffalo Chicken with homemade fries (from potatoes as my son tells people).  Last Monday I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said, it is Monday and I would like our normal Monday meal please because it is my favorite dinner.  I offered lots of other things and he said that he wasn't going to change his mind.  I think that is going to be our Monday meal for awhile.  Tuesday night is basketball practice now and in the other season was soccer so it has been pasta for awhile.  I am declaring Friday night leftover night because I don't want to cook after a long week.  I put the tacos and the spicy honey mustard chicken fingers in there because we haven't had them in awhile.  I am pretty excited about the meal this week and after going through the freezer, I can't wait to get the rest of the menu on schedule for February.  I know that we have tons ready to go and the only thing that is on the list to get this month is blue cheese because we are totally out of it.  Stay tuned for my monthly budget nightmare!!

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