Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Didn't I Say I Was Going to Stop Grocery Shopping?

Well, I guess I totally wasn't telling the truth!!!  I got an email with some freebies from Harris Teeter and I went straight to the store to get my free gravy mix, free Rice-A-Roni and free iced tea. 

Is that all I picked up??  Of course not!!!  I planned on getting the deal on the Betty Crocker cookies because those are always quick and easy to make and free after sale and coupon.  I also planned on getting the Yardley soap deal.  They were $0.47 each limit 4 and there was a coupon for $1 off 4 so they worked out to $0.22 a piece so I decided to splurge.  I don't need soap because I have a bunch of soap that I got for free but I love the lavender soap so I decided that the $0.88 was a reasonable splurge :)

I might have gone a little overboard with the other deals.  There was sugar 4 lb bags for $0.97 so I got the limit of 4 bags.  The Cheez-Its were buy one, get one free so they were $2.50 a box and there was a $1/2 coupon so they ended up being $2 per box.  Not as great a deal as at Weis but I have unlocked the Cheez-It monsters in my house so I got 4 more boxes.  The lettuce was on sale for $0.99 so I got it because it is cheaper then Aldi prices.  The soda was $0.25 each after sale, coupon and electronic coupon so I thought it was a good treat for the holidays.  The Cool Whip was a request from my son because he likes it on his pancakes.  If this gets him to start eating pancakes again, it was a win with a sale price of a $1.29 and a $0.55/2 coupon, they were $0.74 each which wasn't a bad deal.

I walked passed the popcorn and there was a label that it was on sale for buy one, get one free.  It was a great deal and it should have worked out to $0.94 per bag.  However, it didn't ring up correctly.  I went to customer service and they immediately fixed the problem with no questions asked.  Their policy is to give one of the products free and they missed one electronic coupon so I only paid $0.77 for all the popcorn!!  It was a better deal then I was hoping and we should have popcorn for a really long time.

Then came the biggest splurge which was this clearance filet mignon which looked good.  We like to have steak for New Years eve or some other nice treat so I thought that my husband might like it.  It was still $12 but way cheaper then eating out and a decent price for yummy steaks.  They are in the freezer now waiting for our special meal later in the month.

I was overall happy with the purchase but I said that we had everything that I needed and I didn't need to go to the store so I would have saved more money if I stayed out of the store but still happy I went.  Do you ever get those mixed emotions when you shop??  Still hoping for some good Saturday freebies this week so stay tuned for my next trip to the store and see how crazy I get :)  Okay, not very crazy with a Saturday trip to the grocery store or ever but hoping you are having good luck finding deals this month too!

Total Retail $90.87
Total Savings $60.03
Total OOP $30.84


  1. Any time you can get $90 worth of groceries for $30, that is a shopping trip you can't miss! You got $60 of groceries free! Well done!

    1. Good way of looking at it!!! I got a bunch of good deals but I just said that I wouldn't go back to the store. They are sending more good deals for free on Saturday so I will see if I just pick up those things or if I get a few more deals. There are a bunch more deals on this weeks ad but we have a busy weekend so I guess we will see if I can make it Saturday!!


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