Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Month End Budget Review and Shopping List

I have a monthly budget of $160 for our family of 3.  I use sales, coupons and as much cooking from scratch as I can do to save money and stick to the budget.  This budget helps our family to stay on track with spending and still get lots of yummy food to enjoy through the month with planning ahead and shopping the deals.

Here is what I got this month for my budget and if you want more details, they are two other posts for the month with information about each transaction.  Below is the picture of everything that I got for the month and the price for the amount.

Aldi $15.18

Trader Joes $3.06

Aldi $0.81


Trader Joes $3.58


Harris Teeter $0.03

Harris Teeter $40.16- $4.58= $35.58

Aldi $14.75- $0.77= $13.98

 Aldi $12.43

Weis $0

I saw the sale ad when I was looking at the black friday ads and couldn't pass up the deal on Cheez Its.  They were on sale for but one, get one free so I had to check the price but it turned out that they were a good deal so my son piled 8 in the cart and two cranberry juices.  After sale and coupons, the Cheese Its were priced at $1.75 which is a great price and the cranberry juice was $2.  Then my Dad put his credit card in the machine before I could pay!! 

Wegman's $1.78 + $1.78= $3.56

My Mom, Dad and husband went to Wegman's to get some flour which was on sale for $0.89 each (limit 2).  They each did a transaction....I guess my husband was quick because he did two.  We only paid for two...I guess my parents bought the other ones!!

Aldi $36.87

Back from vacation and stocking the fridge full.  Got lots to have food to last through the hopefully a long time.  We were out of oil, butter, salsa, and turkey.  The main thing that we needed was eggs!!  We were out and that meant that when my husband asked for peanut butter cookies, I couldn't make them!!  Ahhh!!  Near tragic in our house but luckily I got some eggs to fix the problem as soon as I had the time to make the cookies.

Harris Teeter $5.38

There was a sale at Harris Teeter for $1.97 milk, $0.77 eggs and $0.87 margarine so I ran over after work and grabbed some.  The milk is going to last into December and it usually last long then Aldi milk.  The great part is that I turned $0.25 rebate for the milk too.

Total OOP $130.46

The great news is that I was under budget but the even better news is that I am set up pretty well for the coming month.  I set my menu plan and I don't think that I am going to need that much for the month so I get to get the best deals and a few essentials.  We still have some potatoes, chicken, oyster crackers, meatballs, blue cheese, cider, Cheez Its, flour, cheese, corn tortillas and eggs!!  We have some snack food around and hoping that baking will get us through part of the month without too much shopping.  Getting ready for the Christmas holidays but don't know what other unexpected things we will need so only time will tell!!


  1. You did really well with your grocery budget this month! So glad you came under budget and are well stocked going into December. :)

    1. I really thought I was close to budget so I added it up to see if I could go back to the store and was really surprised to find myself so far under budget. Of course, I was already at the store spending more money today and it is only the 3rd!! I guess I can't pass up those deals :)

  2. So, how about I give you my grocery budget money for the month and just let you do all my shopping for me- whaddya say?!? Haha.
    Seriously, Alison, you are really amazing with the deals you get every month. Just recently I got some fabulous deals at a local-ish store and when I walked out feeling like I was the 'Queen of All Bargains' I thought about you and I imagine you feel that sense of "Whoo-Hoo!" almost every time you go to the store. You always do SO well- I find it very inspiring!
    Hope you are having a great week, my friend! :)

    1. Sounds great!! I will take your budget but it might cost just as much to mail it all back to you :) As my husband points out to many people, it isn't for everyone because you don't just go to the store and get what you are out of when you coupon but what you do get a good deal, you get a lot of!!! I actually leave the store thinking...did that coupon come off? did I get the deal that I thought I did? did I overspend? did I really need to get that extra treat? did I forget something....oops, forgot the eggs again! I like when a plan comes together but I often don't feel it until the end when I look back but I knew that I got a ton of great deals on my turkey trip. I am glad that you find my trips inspiring!!! I hope that you have a great week too!


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