Thursday, November 24, 2016

More Shopping!!! Lots of Shopping!!

I was hoping that I was done for a little bit but it never works out that way.  I think that it is at the end of month I might have a little break with the holidays but only the sales will tell us.  I

Aldi $14.75- $0.77= $13.98

I went to the store to exchange some saltine crackers that we bought that had a bad seal on them.  Who wants stale crackers?!  If we had made them stale then I would have turned them into breadcrumbs but because I paid for crackers, I stubbornly wanted my crackers.  My husband made fun of me for returning $0.77 of crackers but I did and got a new box for free and got $0.77 back.

Sadly I went mainly to get turkey lunch meat and tortilla chips for my husband.  They were out of both.  There are goods and bads of shopping at Aldi.  I love that we get the low priced items but there are many times that they have no inventory.  They were out of extra sharp cheddar so I but regular cheddar and it wasn't great for cheese and crackers but I will use it up with tacos and grilled cheese (I used it and my husband didn't notice).  I usually stock up early to avoid this problem but I was really hoping that everything would last through Thanksgiving so I wouldn't have to shop until we got home....I was wrong!!

 I got a few of our other favorites including their animal crackers, pretzels, oyster crackers and corn tortillas.  We needed milk and I got a cautionary margarine because I knew that we were running low but I wasn't sure how close to out we were and we were scraping the bottom so yeah for me!!

 Aldi $12.43

Second trip for chips and turkey where I couldn't pass up the cheese because it wasn't at the first store either and we were totally out and the price dropped $0.40 again so time to fill the fridge before it goes up.  Now we should have enough cheese for a month....lets hope anyway because we seem to eat a lot of cheese.  It is our main source of dairy because I am lactose intolerant so milk and other dairy upset me but cheese never has. 

Total OOP $26.41

Total Monthly OOP $84.65

The great news is that I am over half way through the month and still have over $75 in the budget for groceries.  I will be able to pick up some more things that we need through the month but right now I am feeling pretty well stocked.  I made cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip muffins and peanut butter cookies this morning so it always feels like there is more food when I have just baked and there are goodies to eat!!!  Hope that you are having a good month and enjoying some relaxation with the Thanksgiving holiday.

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