Friday, November 11, 2016

Almost Middle of the Month Budget Update

I haven't been in the store a lot this month and haven't gotten a lot of things.  Although there was a lot of purchases at Aldi at the beginning...and Harris Teeter today.  The great thing is that spending was really low so there is always more room for the month.  I got a bunch of things on the list and saved lots of money so hoping to use my coupons and find the best deals for the rest of the month.  Here is what I got so far!!

Aldi $15.18

I had to get oranges for soccer and milk because we were out at home.  There was a great sale on potatoes for $1.49 for 10 lbs.  I grabbed three bags!!!  There was a sale on asparagus for $1.69 and baby carrots for for $0.49 per bag.  I also got another bag of pepperoni because we were towards the bottom of our bag but not yet out.

I turned in the Checkout 51 for $0.25 back on the potatoes which was credited to my account.

Trader Joes $3.06

This is my son's favorite apple cider so we grabbed one for him since we were already at the store and my son might have had at least 5 samples!!

Aldi $0.81

I was by the store and grabbed a bag of oyster crackers because the ones that I made the last batch with too much garlic.  I thought that if I made these that they might offset the other batch.

Trader Joes $3.58

We love their blue cheese!!  I went to one store and they were out so I drove to one farther away because we were totally out.  I only have to use a little bit of this tasty cheese to get the awesome flavor for our buffalo chicken. 


Harris Teeter $0.03

I printed out a ton of coupons and left them at home!!  We stopped at the store on the last day of the sale with an entire list written out.  I got the free naan bread which I had the coupon for with the idea that I would go back to the store closer to our house later but it didn't happen.  There were some great deals that I missed again.  Bummed but glad that I got the free bread.  We made some yummy personal pizzas so we all got to have our own flavors.  YUM!!!

Harris Teeter $40.16- $4.58= $35.58

I went to the store with a few things in mind... I knew that I was going to get some deals and I had to spend a lot more money then I normally do because I was going to need to spend $40 to get the price for the turkey down to $0.57 per pound.  I had a nice bonus that I could also use a competition coupon for another grocery store that I never go to for $10 off a $50 purchase!!  I picked out my turkey and a ton of other things on sale and that I had coupons for.  I used a rain check to get the Sister Shubert Rolls for free.  I used a rain check on the Cooked Perfect Meatballs for $1.50 after rain check and coupon.  They will make great addition to pasta and meatball sliders.

I got lots of deals like $0.49 Dawn Dish Detergent, $0.67 Puffs tissues, $0.50 Heinz BBQ, $0.25 Betty Crocker Brownies, $0.39 Tetley Tea Bags, $0.08 Light Brown Sugar, $0.75 Suave Body Wash, $1.44 Country Crock Sticks, $0.87 HT Margarine and $1.77 Quaker Chewy Bars.

I did the meal deal which was $7.99 for 5 items including the Seattle's Best Coffee, Dozen Eggland's Best Eggs, Aunt Jemima Waffles/Pancakes, Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll, and Mrs. Buttersworth Syrup.  They were out of the syrup so the customer service person let me substitute the extra dozen eggs instead of the syrup which I didn't really want anyway!!  I used an electronic coupon, printed coupon and the meal deal to get the coffee for $1.83 and I will use for a Christmas present.  I got the Jimmy Dean sausage for free after meal deal and coupon.  I got one dozen eggs for $1.12 and the other for $1.56.  I got the waffles for $0.94.  I think that those were all a great price even though I didn't have coupons for the eggs or the waffles.

Because I knew that my total wasn't going to be high enough, I went to the deli counter and got the boneless, skinless chicken for $1.99 per pound.  I got 4.45 lbs so it was $8.86 which made the difference in the total to keep it high enough to get the different deals.  It basically ended up being free with the coupon for $10 off!!  Who doesn't like a way to get free meat!!

The Liberte Yogurt rang up incorrectly at $1.69 and so did the Heinz mustard (at $2.69) so customer service refunded the total price to me instead of just the difference between the price that it was supposed to ring up so I got $4.58 back on my credit card.  I didn't realize until after I got to the car that the $2 promotion didn't come off for the Suave Body Wash but since customer service was already so nice I didn't bother going back to ask for $2 more refunded.

I did a bunch of rebates from the one shopping trip.  MobiSave had $0.10 for eggs and $1.00 for Seattle's Best Coffee.  Checkout 51 had $0.50 for Egglangs Best, $0.75 for Country Crock (limit 2), and Heinz BBQ $1.00.  Ibotta had $0.25 for eggs and $1.00 for the Cook Perfect Meatballs.  I turned in my receipts for all of those and I also get the Saving Star coupons automatically for $2 off Suave Body Wash, $0.50 off Country Crock, and $0.30 Liberte Yogurt.  All of the rebates combined were $8.15!!  Nice little bonus and I finally have gotten over the $20 total for all my accounts so I can cash out if I want to on most of the systems.

Total OOP $58.24

Super excited with my trips to the store and how much food I got.  I know that I have a lot of cooking and baking ahead of me with lots of supplies.  I also have a bunch of chicken, turkey and meatballs even though I said that I didn't need to get anymore protein just last month.  We will cook the turkey for Christmas but the sales are only found at Thanksgiving but we like to have one at Christmas too.  I know that I didn't buy all of my items at Harris Teeter at the lowest price but the bonus $10 off and the bargain turkey price helped make it be the best possible deal.  Also super excited by the $1.49 for 10 pounds of potatoes so that should last us at least two months (hopefully).

How is your month going so far??


  1. You are doing amazing this month, Alison! You got so much stuff for the little amount you spent. Way to go!! :)
    So far I am doing OK this month. On track with spending but I know there are still things I plan on getting that hopefully won't tip the scale too much. I have been making an effort to buy extra items each time I shop to have as 'stockpile' items. We are at a point now where I feel like we have a nice amount of things- not too much, not too little. In fact, I didn't go shopping this week at all and probably won't until the middle or end of next week, so as far as budget goes that should actually put me ahead of the game. :)
    Thanks for sharing your shopping hauls- I always enjoy them. Have a great weekend, Alison!

    1. I am excited for how much stuff I got too!! I was a little too excited after the trip to Harris Teeter because I saved so much and got so many great deals. It is sometimes hard to stockpile things a little at a time for me because of the sales but when we run out, it is like a crisis. We are currently totally out of Cranberry Juice!!! I hope that you do well when you head out to shop and find some great deals!! I know that I don't have a regular schedule for shopping so I tend to do it bursts which is both tough and best for our schedule. It is way better to know what is coming and know that you are ahead of the game because you pushed off a few more days until the next shopping trip. Here is hoping that there are lots of good deals to get for the rest of the month including some cranberry juice for my husband :)

  2. Sounds like you are doing very well, so far this month. Well done with all your shopping!

    1. Thanks!! Hope your month is going as well :)


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