Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quickly Running Out of Stockpile

I find that I stock up on a lot of things and then I think that it will last forever.  Do you feel this way with things because I find that it is that way with everything for us like clothes, shoes, cars and food?  I just bought that shouldn't it last forever!!!

I got so much flour and with the construction at the new house and the selling of the old house, I didn't use as much as I thought so we did move a ton of flour and other baking supplies to the new house.  However, I have ramped up my baking at the new house to meet our food needs and I am almost totally out of the 25 five pound bags we moved (125 lbs!!).  I poured the second to the last bag of flour and the last bag of sugar in my Tupperware tubs.  My flour one is in the bright orange because my mom found a Halloween tub on sale years ago when my other flour container cracked (it was my grandmothers so it was old). The container on the left is my sugar (still my grandmothers but newer so only 20 years old).  I realized that I am going to have to go back to stock up mode.

I grabbed 8 bags of sugar when they were under $1 and I am going to have to get my Wegman's flour because it is on sale for under $1 for the unbleached all purpose that I use regularly.  I am almost out of vital wheat gluten which I used to get in Amish country for cheaper but my parents haven't been there in ages so I know that I am going to have to bite the bullet and get the box at the store.

My husband is down to the last four containers of cranberry juice from my crazy stock up deal so I will have to add a few more to the budget to make sure that he isn't out by the end of the month but I am super thankful that they lasted this long.

I just moved things around in the pantry and I realized that we are down to the last 3 potato soups and 5 chicken noodle soup.  We have plenty of canned tomatoes but the rest of the pantry is sort of bare.  I know that I will be making lots of soup from scratch with the homemade chicken broth that I have in the freezer but having some quick cans on hand is way easier.

We are almost out of our incredible stock pile of Saffron rice.  We used up all the regular flavor and I only have 6-8 left of the spicy flavor.  They are really great mixed up with taco meat to make enchiladas to stretch the meat.  It is a great filler but even better because I got tons of them free with a sale and coupon awhile ago but we are at the bottom so we will be sad to not have them to fall back on.

I used my last bag of popcorn from the freezer from Aldi that I stocked up on last "season" because popcorn is seasonal.  I grabbed four bags at Harris Teeter when they were on sale to hold us over but I only have two left of those.  My son eats popcorn every day for snack at school and I love a little snack of fresh popped popcorn too.  For a special treat at night my husband and I used to enjoy kettle corn that I made but I haven't done it in an age!!  We are going to need a lot more popcorn!

I just used up the rest of the blueberries in my yummy blueberry strudel muffins.  I made some with the the oatmeal yogurt topping that I had left in the cupboard from one that I didn't use.  I love having frozen blueberries to use all year round but they were super little this year so I didn't buy any to save for winter....we will be really sad when there aren't blueberry muffins in the cold months.

I just used the rest of the crunchy peanut butter that I only buy to make cookies.  I love peanut butter cookies and I rarely make them.  My son doesn't eat them so it seems a little weird to make things that only my husband and I enjoy but I got some crunchy peanut butter on sale and with coupon for free or nearly free.  This was my last batch of cookies!!

I am working on using up everything in the house to reduce the amount of money out of pocket this month because I am already part way through my budget.  Trying to be a little more creative to stretch the grocery money.  I used my free day to make a bunch of food to last through the long weekend but now I am wiped out!!  Double batch of peanut butter cookies, blueberry strudel muffins, homemade brown sugar, whole wheat pitas, and chopped hash browns for the weekend.

Do you have certain things that you always keep on hand at your house??  Do you stock up on things seasonally??


  1. Oh, dear! It sounds like it is time to stock up again! Hope you'll find lots of sales on baking supplies and soups, etc., with the holiday season approaching.

    I keep rice, flour, sugar, oil, some canned items, etc. on hand at all times. Not huge quantities as it is only myself, but enough. I try to take advantage of sales to stock up.

    1. I guess with couponing, I have started keeping a lot more things on hand because I want them at the lowest cost. I was just saying that I might have sticker shock when I have to start buying trash bags because I had so many that I haven't bought them in years. I only have four boxes left but I think that one box lasts us a year so I am hopeful that I won't have to worry about that for many years still!!!

  2. I rarely, if ever, run out of anything in my stockpile because I never stop shopping, even though I probably should when I say I'm going to.

    Btw, Aldi currently has the popcorn, I saw it in their ad (still $1.69 here, not sure about your area).

    Publix has the Barber Chicken on BOGO through today and I printed Buy 2, Get 1 free coupons so I should be able to get 6 packages for the price of 1 if they haven't run out (need to remember to get a raincheck if they have). I was making room for a turkey in the freezer so I guess I'm going to fill it up with Barber chicken. I thought of emailing you but then I remembered you don't have Publix up there!

    25 lbs of flour sounds like such a large amount, until you realize that it's 5 bags of 5 lbs and I definitely have that in my kitchen right now, LOL.

    1. Laughing because I actually did have 25 bags of 5 lb flour. I guess I need to rewrite that!! It was a lot more then just 5 bags :)

      Love that you are getting the Barber Chicken so we will see that on your menu every week now just like I was when I got them all for free awhile back. It doesn't last as long as you think it will with only two in a box but a great deal for an easy dinner!!! Hope that have lots of good flavors left when you get there.

      I really need to check out the Aldi popcorn because it time to stock up but I might have to clean out the door of the freezer where I store them!! We only have a bag left of the Harris Teeter ones. Checking my ad now!


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