Friday, September 30, 2016

Why Do the Weekends Always Go So Fast??

We have been busy here and it seems that I try to constantly pack too much into what is essentially two days... these two days seem like they should let us accomplish more then they do although they never do.  Do you have this problem??  I make a list of things that I think that I should be able to accomplish in one day and it seems to take all week to get the list done.  Then, I get to the weekend burned out with an even longer list that doesn't get done.

One weekend we put up a fan!  (Okay, this is a collective we...meaning my husband put it up).  I even unpacked at least one box that weekend too.  That was it!!

Another weekend we (again really my husband) put up three shelving units in the storage area for all our stuff to try to make it neater...we didn't get enough time to try to organize the shelves or put anything else on them.  I might have actually thrown a few things away this weekend and swept up the floor in the storage area.  It took almost the rest of the week to get all the things back on the shelves because it wasn't just the items in the middle of the floor but the items in the hallway too!!

This last weekend, I went to a neighborhood yard sale (getting my son's favorite toy for an amzing deal of $7 for this cute carrying case and 5 Beyblades and a few more deals I scooped up) and we went to a soccer game in Saturday followed by one grocery shopping trip.  Sunday we went to the grocery store and Home Depot ending with a take out because we were so exhausted from this weekend.  Umm, this isn't enough in a weekend to actually make it through the rest of the week being productive!!

I tend to think that "we" would get more done if he stopped going to work since he is the one getting everything done.  Of course, that certainly would hurt the bottom line because we might not have a roof over our head any more money to do those nice things too.  Trying to be patient but having a hard time!!!  So many things still on the to do list and not enough time to get them done!!

Dreading that the end of the summer means less free time and trying to figure out how we are going to get all these things done when we are both working.  How do people do this when both parents are working and then kids are more active and have to make it to different events??  A busy weekend ending out the busy month trying to get back into the normal schedule!!

Trying to keep a sunny disposition!

Ready for another busy weekend.  How do you get it all done in a weekend to get ready for your week??


  1. If I may make a suggestion (me, the queen of the very long To Do List that never seems to end!) it is to divide and conquer. If you're both going to soccer, then alternate the parent who is going while the other unpacks boxes or organizes shelves. You also need to prioritize. If the boxes and the fact that you have so much still to unpack months after you've moved into the house is stressing you, you probably should be a moratorium on any outside events and make the unpacking and organizing a fun family project. I think that if you focus on doing just that for a weekend, it'd be out of the way and then you could resume your regular schedule. Or make it a goal to unpack at least one box every night after dinner.

    Me, I'd rather unpack everything so I can figure out how to better organize my stuff once it's all laid out.

    Just my 2 cents! Good luck, Alison.

    1. My husband is the soccer coach so he has to be there ever week and I feel bad if I don't go. I know mom guilt is the worst!! We have everything unpacked that needs to be but there are things that are on the shelves like books and other things that don't have a home so they aren't getting unpacked. I just always think that there is going to be more time and to finish that to do list and I always over book! I got the stuff on the shelves and things are a little better in the basement. I made a list on Monday and it took me most of the week to get the list done although I kept adding to it so I guess it is partly my problem!! Doing a list to get me through this weekend so we will see but I did so many dishes this week to last a lifetime but the kitchen was clean so hoping to stay for a little bit! Crossing my fingers!

  2. (((HUGS))) You sound overwhelmed. I understand the feeling; I was a single parent with a very active daughter (lots of extra curricular activities), worked full time, was very involved in my daughter's school and at my temple, and cared for my semi-invalid mother. A lot didn't get done! That's how I coped! I learned that I couldn't do it all and cut back on activities and my expectations! Oh, and I learned to function on 4 hours of sleep a night! LOL.

    I agree with Nathalie: divide and conquer. You need to prioritize the to do list, delegate some of it, and cut back on other activities until the priority items are completed.

    Our priorities are as individual as we are, of course; only you can decide what's more important to you. I like packing, but I hate unpacking and putting away! But if the unpacked boxes are bothering you, then, since the shelves are up, focus on getting them unpacked and stuff put away. Get the whole family involved - husband unpacks, son brings items to you, you put away.

    If you can, pre-assign where things go - all canned foods on shelf 1, all cleaning supplies on shelf 2, holiday decorations on shelf 3, etc. That'll help with deciding where to put things. And realize that you don't have to have permanent homes for things right away - that is the ideal, but you can always rearrange things, later, if necessary.

    Have mini goals - unpack 10 boxes or work for 1 hour; then take a 15 minute break (or 30 minutes); then go back and do another 10 boxes or 1 hour, etc. Stay focused on the task and you'll get it done. If you put a crock-pot meal to cook before you start on the project, you'll have dinner ready by the time you finish. If not, celebrate with a take out pizza or something. :)

    Good luck!

    1. I replied to your message yesterday and the computer crashed when I pressed submit so it looks like it was lost. Mini goals are good for sure!! I have gotten a ton done but it seems like we are always trying to figure out what else needs to be done and not having enough time to get it all done. I need more hours in the day but since that isn't going to happen then I am going to have to let it go!! Ready to hit the ground running on another packed weekend to try to get ahead!!

    2. Sometimes, just getting meals on the table and having enough clean laundry for everyone was a successful week! Just do what you can and leave the rest for later.

    3. Totally agree :) I am working on finishing my list from Monday tonight so that I can start fresh with a list that I think should take a day and it lasts all week!!


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