Monday, September 5, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 9/5

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken with Homemade Fries
Tuesday- Pasta with garlic bread (and sausage for my husband)
Wednesday- Salsa Sloppy Joes with mac and cheese
Thursday- Spiedies with white rice
Friday- Chicken Paninis with leftovers

We have had a tough time finishing out the summer because I am exhausted!!  I went back to work and still tried to fit in a full day of fun for my son because I felt bad about running the end of the summer.  Then I brought him to work with me and he had so much fun playing that he didn't want to leave so it really means that I was taking on too much guilt (as usual) but we finished off the summer with a family trip to the pool and my son's favorite dinner.

The weeekend is a little up in the air because we have a local festival and the pool is open on both Saturday and Sunday so I am totally not sure where we are going to be or what we are going to do.  It would be great if we knew but I have a 100% certainty that we are going to end one day with pizza takeout!!

I put together the menu plan for the month in a little bit after checking the freezer inventory.  We are set for the month minus a few things so we will see how this goes!! Going to be starting soccer and everything else soon so who knows if we are going to stay with the same menu but hoping that we can fix it by switching days at the most!!


  1. Great job of having already planned your whole month! Oh my, is it soccer time already?! Didn't you just end soccer in July?! It's a good thing that you all seem to enjoy this. I'm tired just thinking about having to attend all the practices and games... I hope your son has a great season!

    1. I would have loved to have skipped this season because we did just end and after finishing that we did summer basketball. I am exhausted but at least my husband does all the practices so I only do games :) This is the better season because it cooler but not sure that when we are just trying to get into the swing of things with school but I guess we will see how it goes this year. The other local teams started 2 weeks ago so I am glad that I didn't have to start and end the summer with playing soccer :) Just getting used to the fact that it is the end of summer!!!!!


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