Monday, September 19, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 9/19

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken with Homemade Fries
Tuesday- Pasta with garlic bread (and sausage for my husband)
Wednesday- French Dip Sloppy Joes with mac and cheese
Thursday- Buffalo Chicken Wraps with white rice
Friday- Chicken Paninis with leftovers
Saturday- Soccer Game Saturday ??

We are following the same plan as last week with the almost all chicken (yup, that is how we roll here Nathalie) but there are really one breaded and one grilled chicken and the third is our leftovers from both other nights in a sandwich.  Last week went really well here and I we followed the plan until Saturday and they had signs up for $3.99 Dominos pizza after soccer so we caved and got a very fresh pizza from Dominos as a special treat.  We ended up not eating much for dinner because it was almost 3 pm when we had lunch after soccer.  We did leftovers on Sunday for lunch and my husband made corn dogs from the freezer, I got the last piece of pizza and my son had white rice.  That night for dinner my husband and I had soup and my son asked for penne pasta.  It was a easy weekend to end the week following the plan!!  I also threw together a yummy chopped salad with pan fried pepperoni and homemade croutons to use up all the leftover lettuce that I cut up for tacos so I don't have any more for meals this week so adding it to the shopping list!!


  1. I like how your meal plan works from week to week. When my daughter was living at home, I used to make two main meat dishes for the week and alternate them throughout the week. Usually, I'd get bored with the sameness of the meals before she did, and get some fast food for dinner, mid-week! These days, with just myself at home, I don't bother with meal plans as such. I'll need to plan better for lunches once I return to working at the office, though. Hope you have a good week and the menu plan works out well for you.

    1. Lol!! I try to make it easy so that I don't resort to take out. We usually save that for the busy weekend when we are trying to fit in too many things. I am horrible at lunches!! I pack my son's and my husbands and then normally forget to pack anything for me!! YUCK :( I am going to try to do better for me too!!


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