Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kid Wednesday: Summer To Do List

Did you finish everything on your Summer To Do List??  We fit in lots of things but I actually didn't make a list this year...I started but then got totally distracted with summer here so quickly.  I started this post to tell you what we had planned this summer and never got it done either.  I guess we were too busy doing things.

My little guy had lots of fun playing basketball for the first time which started the day school ended.

We started it off right by heading to the beach to have a week long family vacation. We got to swim at the pool and the beach with huge waves...those are the ones that knocked me down but those are my husband and son's heads.  Built a huge sandcastle with the breaks from the water.

We played lots of Skee Ball at the beach and won lots of prizes!!!  Too many prizes!!

We went to the fireworks to celebrate the 4th.

Many quick stops to Panera and Starbucks to get special treats for my little man.  We also had many meals out like Chuck E. Cheese and Cheesecake Factory which were all met with smiles.

We made it to the park to watch my son's favorite musicians, Rocknoceros! Can you see them... I might be bad at taking pictures.

We saw his favorite puppet show company twice- once at the library and once at the park!

Went for Mini Golf and Ice Cream More times then I can count to my son's new favorite hangout!

Learned About Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and New Jersey. Lots of fun facts about those states for sure.

Went to a Science Program at the Library and Learned a Ton about cells and DNA.

He got to do Magic Tree House Book Club where they made a sea serpent and a cave out of sand dough at the library.

There was a trip to the local splash park which was lots of fun and then their wonderful playground.

We went to my son's favorite wooden playground and visited a wooden playground in Delaware too!

We also enjoyed making some sugar cookies at home together for the Olympics

We went to AC Moore for the summer craft projects which we really fun and of course FREE!!

We missed the first project because we were at the beach so we used the bonus money back to pay for the tie dye kit to make our own at home.  We mixed up the dye and made three t-shirts, four bags, one apron, three pillow cases and two towels.  It was fun to make some stuff but we were totally overwhelmed with the amount of projects that we got out of half of the dyes that we bought.  I was exhausted from the amount of twisting of the rubber bands but we had some great projects.  My favorite was the pillowcases but the most vibrant were the hand towels.  My mom went out and bought more dye on clearance at CVS so we will have enough to dye the whole house.  I really think that we should do the sheets for the beds next!!

We did a ton of summer reading and charted out minutes read per day to turn in at school.  We had some more books that we wanted to fit in this summer but didn't get enough time so we are hoping to have a lot more reading through the school year!!!

We had a great summer playing with friends, a week of Geology camp, Vacation Bible School and enjoying the pool.

Wishing that we had a little more time to spend together having fun and learning.


  1. Goodness, Alison! Is there anything that you DIDN'T do?! You're an awesome mom. You remind me of me when I was younger, lol.

    Your son is a cutie and I'm envious of the cool wooden castle playground. Ours got torn down this summer and I'm angry about it. It doesn't matter that my kids are all too old for the playground now :)

    Here's to a great summer! Now I need a nap because just reading all about your adventures pooped me out and also made me hungry.

    1. We did so much this summer that he had trouble picking what he wanted to put on his back to school collage. We did a million library programs not listed like an Indian Dance one that taught the kids to dance, Animal rescue that brought animals, magic show, and so much more. We had a good and busy summer...I am a little exhausted too :)

  2. I've been reading all summer about how busy it has been for you. You were always on the go. Now I know why. Wow! and Wow! You did lots of fun stuff. Your little guy is so lucky to have you as his mother.

    1. Of course little does he know because he thinks that all summers are like this! We are so busy doing everything with very little breaks. I am hoping to get a little break now that he is back to school...but I haven't gotten it yet with meetings, new air conditioner install and back to work for me. I know that I need to stop the summer schedule and get some sleep but hopefully soon!!

  3. Wow! You guys really did a ton. Sounds like you all had an awesome summer.

    1. We did have an awesome summer and hard to get used to the idea that it is over and we need to get back to the summer schedule! It is still really hot here so there is a feeling that it should still be summer but school has started so there is no going back.


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