Monday, August 15, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 8/15

Monday- Chicken fries, Popcorn Chicken with homemade fries
Tuesday- Pasta with garlic bread (served with leftover sausage for my husband)
Wednesday- Enchiladas with spicy yellow rice
Thursday- Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken tenders with mac and cheese
Friday- Chicken Paninis with leftovers
Saturday- Birthday Party for friends (not sure if we are eating there or leftovers when we get home)
Sunday- ?

Last week we did pretty well with sticking to the plan last week but we switched Thursday and Friday night because we were really busy the one night and I needed to get dinner on the table quickly.  On Saturday, we met up with family and ordered a huge (and very yummy pizza) so we spent about $15.  I try to keep the eating out to a minimum but we have already spent $30 so far for the month so I guess I am not doing great this month.   I hope that having a plan in place for this week helps but I don't really know because weekend are tough to plan for!!   Leaving Sunday open and hoping for the best!

How does your week look??

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