Thursday, August 18, 2016

August Finally Middle of the Month Grocery Update

I wasn't sure even what was on my list for the month but as always, I was looking for the best deals.  Luckily, there was triples are Harris Teeter to stretch my money as far as possible.  Here are all of my trips so far this month.  I posted the information about the first four trips to the store and you can click on the title to get more details on those trips.

Just a quick review that my budget for the month for my family of 3 is $160.  I don't break that down into weeks or anything else because there are usually times when I can stock up and get great deals during one week and not get a ton the next week, plus it tends to work really well with my style of shopping.  I feel like the month is over but we are only half way!! Check out what I got below:


Harris Teeter $11.40

An amazing trip to the store which I got to do by myself (Thanks to my friend Ann for watching my little helper).  I got two bags of Chex Mix and two bags of Bugles at $0.25 each bag.  I got the Froot Loops with the coupon and electronic coupon so it was $0.59 for the box.  I bought the Toaster Pastries for $0.l7 each.  My husband loves Corn Dogs so I got two boxes of them with 6 in them for $1.02.  I got an apple for $0.59 and turned in a rebate for $0.25 from Ibotta and $0.25 from Checkout 51.  There were three boxes of Old El Paso shells on sale for $1 each with $1/3 coupon and $1/3 electronic coupon so $0.33 per box (and there was a $1/3 saving star rebate which should post soon).  I got a container of Cinnamon Jif because it sounds interesting but it was a little bit of a splurge at $0.79.  I got a package of Hershey's Pudding for $0.74 (pictured to the right of the Jif).  I got two bottles of Dawn which were $0.22 each.

My crazy purchase (along with my inability to read a sign but it is pictured so you can try to read it too) was the Magnum Ice Cream Bars.  I should have read this a few more times because I totally messed it up.  I thought that they were $2.50 but the shelf price is $6.49 and on sale for $2.50 off to make them $3.99.  If you read the bottom, it also says save $2 when you buy two packages.  I bought three because I can't read and I was thinking 2 or more!!  I got two packages at $0.74 and one at $1.74 which is still better then the shelf price and the ice cream man!  Still upset that I didn't read the sign correctly because I had 6 coupons and I could have done the deal three times but when I used three, I could only do it one more time.  In addition, there was a catalina that should have printed out.  The nice customer service person gave it back to me during another trip to the store.

I got 6 containers of whole milk yogurt and 6 containers of Light and Fit yogurt and 2 snickers for free!!  Great purchases that will certainly go to use between my mother's visit and making some yummy scones and muffins.

Harris Teeter $26.74

This total was big because we got the Coke promotion for Buy 2, Get 3 free which was $13.98 for the 5 cases.  It was also going to be high because my whole family was with me!!  I got Chex $0.25, Bugles $0.25, Country Crock $0.35, Fruit Snacks $0.75, Hershey Pudding $0.74, and Honey Nut Cheerios $1.50.

There were a few things that I bought and didn't even use a coupon....I KNOW!!  My husband picked out a Gatorade which was on sale for $0.67.  The Peter Pan Peanut Butter was on evic sale limit 2 for $1.27 so I got two.

I got free Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Bread Mix, Krusteaz Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix, and Rev Wraps.

I should get $0.35 back for Country Crock from Saving Star

Harris Teeter $4.81 

We were farther away from the house with a trip to a library so we stopped at another Harris Teeter because we have been out of yogurt and turkey at our Harris TeeterThey were also out of a lot of the same items but we grabbed these deals which made the turkey $2.32 per package which is lower then Aldi so I bought two and hope that they last through some of September.

Aldi $19.63

We were out of milk and cheese so I went to the store.  We also had just run out of Nacho Chips, Tortilla Chips and Pretzels so we got those too.  I didn't have any more Rosemary Triscuits so I really wanted those.  I got a few packages of margarine sticks because we were running low.  I got lettuce because we were having tacos and salads a lot so I thought we might need another.  The oyster crackers are to make seasoned ones for my husband's lunch which I thought we were almost out of but I wasn't sure because I made four different kinds last time and we used up two containers.


Harris Teeter $7.76- $1.91= $5.85

They have been out of a lot of things and I went to get the Magnum bars with a rain check and my last remaining coupon.  It was over a 100 degrees so we got practically all the ice cream we could fit in the cart!!  It was the last day of triples and the sale so we grabbed a few things that were still on sale and I had some remaining coupons while we were in the area between library programs.  I had my helper and very little time so I didn't get to check a lot of things but rather went through very quickly because I was afraid I was going to miss something.  I was going to buy another Coke deal but I didn't have the time or the energy so I didn't get them.

One of the catalina coupons didn't print out last time so they gave me the money back and printed me out another receipt because mine didn't come out correctly...only the right side printed and I needed to turn in for Ibotta so I got them to do a print from the office but it didn't have the Harris Teeter with the date on it so I also did a return and re-buy so that I would have every receipt to possibly get the $0.75 back from Ibotta and good news is that it worked!!

Total Retail $378.14
Total Saving $272.36
Total OOP $105.78

I didn't realize how much I spent for the month already but it leaves me $54 left to spend for the month.  I just checked out specials for Harris Teeter which start on 8/17 and there are my son's Quaker Granola Bars on sale for 6/$10 which is $1.67 each.  I am going to probably spend at least $20 on granola bars so here is hoping that we don't need a lot of other things with my remaining $30 for the month.  

How is your month going?  


  1. It's nice to have cashiers that don't mind printing catalinas that didn't print for you! Down here it seems that the trend is now to tell cashiers that if something beeps or doesn't happen, then you can't do anything for the customers. I don't know if they realize that they're just pushing more people to shop at Aldi where we don't have to deal with coupons and that whole frustration at all.

    And yes, I CANNOT believe you bought something without a coupon, LOL. You still got a great deal, though!

    Good luck with your end of the month shopping. Looking at my running total for the month, I'm at $190.35 for the month, which is clearly not as good as you, and I have $209.65 left in my budget with only 1 more week that will count for my August budget so I'm in very good shape with the groceries. The eating out/ordering in will probably do me in, although it's been much better this month so far and I said I just wasn't going to worry about it anymore (not that I did anyway!) and stop complaining about it (but I still do!).

    1. I can't stand the stores that are difficult but I have some people at Harris Teeter that know me and know that I am honest. I go the 20 box top printed while I was there. The other one for $1.50 off when you purchase the Magnum bars printed out the second time I bought them and I went back later and got the first one off of another trip. Love great customer service!!

      I figured you would like that I could buy something without a coupon :) I mean it is different at Aldi because you can't use coupons but at a store that uses coupons and I didn't have one!!

      Great job with your budget. I can't believe how much I spent in half the month but I know with going back to work that shopping is going to be a little harder so we will see if I can make it under budget. We have eaten out too much this month too but hoping for no more this month but I guess we will see because I assume we have at least one more minimum :(


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