Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Off Season Book Review

I picked this up somewhere because it was sitting on shelf waiting to be read that didn't get read because of all the library books but these are the perfect books to bring on vacation because I am not a fan of bringing library books to the beach.  Off Season by Jean Stone was one of the beach reads that I picked for my vacation reading.

Jean Stone is a gifted writer of romantic tales that capture the unique feel of New England while introducing characters who live in readers' hearts forever. Her latest novel is her most moving work to date, the story of a woman who gave up everything she had for the man she loved -- but must now find the strength to stand by him during his darkest hour.... Once Jill McPhearson had a life any woman would envy: a successful career as a television anchorwoman and a handsome fiance. But she gave up everything to start anew in her childhood home of Martha's Vineyard. For Jill, carving out a new, lower-profile career on the island is a struggle. But falling in love -- and then marrying -- local carpenter Ben Niles feels natural and seamless. It feels right. Steady, rugged Ben...the man who makes Jill feel she has it all -- or at least all she really needs. But when Ben is accused of a shocking crime, Jill's world turns upside down -- and everything she thought she knew is called into question. The small-town island life Jill loves is suddenly unbearable, as Ben and Jill try to hide their terrible secret from everyone they love. And now Jill must ask herself: how do you recapture a life that may never have existed in the first place?

Jill McPhearson had a successful career working on television news and decided to leave it to have an easier life in her childhood home with her daughter.  She married Ben Niles and lived on Martha's Vineyard to leave her whole old life behind but she is having trouble getting her segments recognized because she has been blackballed from the TV community.  Then Ben is accused of a crime and her whole life goes off track.  Although I was screaming at the character at this point because she was really selfish and made horrible decisions, I think that it is truly human nature to do so.  The book had great writing and interesting characters which you were rooting to succeed.  They had lots of obstacles to overcome and I was hoping that it would work out for all of them.  You have to read to find out if it did.  I am interested to check out other books by this author because I have never read her before so I am going to investigate some other books.  I hope that you check this one out and let me know if there are any others written by her that I need to check out next.

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