Sunday, June 12, 2016

AHHHHHH!!! June Shopping Gone Wild! Not Even the Middle of the Month :(

I have been at the store way too much recently.  The great news is that I bought tons of granola bars which should last us until school starts but who knows.  I also grabbed tons of ice cream that was on a special great price less than Aldi with sale and coupon.  Tons of sales but crazy amount of shopping and still more to get through the month.  Here is hoping that I can stay sort of close to budget but it certainly doesn't look like I can with most of the month left and most of the $160 monthly budget gone.

Harris Teeter $40.73

I went to get a few deals and grabbed way too much stuff.  I got two packages of toilet paper, 9 packages of Quaker Granola bars, 4 bags of popcorn, 2 bags of Chex Mix, 2 Hamburger Helper, 2 Dominos Quick Dissolve, 3 tubs of ice cream and Whole Fruit Ice Pops.  We are totally ready for the vacation with lots of these purchases but I think that I went a little crazy with these deals because they certainly weren't super great but I did put in for online rebates.

Aldi $17.15

I grabbed another bag of popcorn chicken because we were at the bottom of the stash.  We were out of milk so I grabbed another gallon which was quick to expire and a little high priced but oh well.  We finished all of the lettuce so I grabbed another one even though I didn't have plans for it yet.  I got another package of sugar cones, marshmallows, corn tortilla, margarine, cheese, and crackers.  The bananas were on sale for $0.18 per pound so I grabbed those great deals which my husband enjoyed for breakfast and then I used the last two with a frozen banana to make banana bread.

Rite Aid $6.24

I decided to stock up on the soda with the deal at Rite Aid and the My Coke Rewards $3 coupons.  I was glad to get those because we are going to take a case of each on vacation.  Super excited to get a great deal so that we will have a special treat through vacation but this is getting to be horrible habit.

Giant $3.49

I am super upset that Aldi has stopped filling the turkey and chicken lunch meat.  There seems to be an issue because the ham is in the other side of the box and they can't order because there is so much ham left so the system won't let them order more.  I finally found some at Giant and got two ears of corn.  YUM!!  We really enjoyed them for dinner.

Harris Teeter $29.60

I went for another round at Harris Teeter before the sale ended.  I got 9 boxes of Quaker Granola Bars and 3 ice cream gallons.  I got mustard because we were totally done with our bottle and my husband likes it on his hamburgers.  I ordered four coupons for Cheez Its from Kelloggs Family rewards so I got 4 boxes for a good deal on a family favorite.  I got two ears of corn but they weren't nearly as good as the ones from Giant so I guess I am going back there to get some more soon.

Harris Teeter $9.27

I went earlier in the day and my husband took my son with coupons in hand to get a few things of their choice.  There were only three boxes of granola bars left and they picked their ice cream choices.  We might have an ice cream problem but we are all eating it just about every night and we are going through a ton of ice cream.  The lady at the cash register didn't want to take one of his coupons so he called me and asked me what to do and I told him to go to customer service.  They did something weird on the computer and instead of just giving them $1 for the coupon, they got $3.08 back and they didn't even ring up the coupon so who knows what they did but we got a great deal on this transaction because my husband was willing to go to customer service which a few years ago he totally wouldn't have done!!!  YEAH!!  Frugal win!!

CVS $8.70 + $9.49= $18.19

My son got sent home from school with a rash so we headed to the doctor because we needed a note to get back to school.  AHHHH!!  The doctor told me that I needed to give him Benadryl so I bought store brand.  DUH! So we stopped at the store to get it and Cortisone in case it was itchy.  The Heinz ketchup was on sale 2/$4 so we got 4 bottles because we were totally out.  My son wanted to the popcorn and there was a deal where you get $1 ECB so I did two transactions and used a printed coupon with the breakfast biscuits...those were eaten in the car ride home by me.  I want to go back and use the coupon to get a few more of them!!  LOVED THEM!! I wasn't expecting this expense but did the best with what I had to get what I needed.

 Total OOP $124.67

I put in for rebates and got $0.25 from Checkout 51, $2.50 from Ibotta, and $0.30 from Mobi Save.  So I will get a little bit of money back in different accounts but now I only have $35 left in the whole months budget and we are out of white rice, cereal, crackers and a few other things that I was planning getting for vacation like ground beef which is quickly going to eat up the remaining budget.  I better get a little more creative to make it through the month with everything that is at the house and stretch the current budget and stop looking at the sales because they are very tempting to get more of them!!! AHHH!!!

My shopping month isn't going great but I hope that you are having a good month!!


  1. You got a ton of things so I think you're doing pretty well. Most people spend more than that in a week! Yay for your husband for going to Customer Service and ending up with more money than he thought he would get back :)

    1. I was so proud that he called and I told him customer service and he did it. They had a whole conversation about giving what the computer said and gave it to him. I think that I did pretty well except I think that I went over board on the granola bars but with a sale and coupon, I couldn't pass up the price. I just went today again and spent another $12 so there isn't much left for my trip to get ground beef. I guess this is what happens when I don't make it to the store last month :(

  2. I smiled when I read that your husband went to customer service. My husband was never going to use coupons or do anything like that now he will use them, check for sales, etc.... it's funny how "hooked" they get when they see what you can get a deal on or get for free. I agree there are just too many good sales right now. Hard to pass them up when you know you'll use them in the future and don't want to pay full price then.

    1. There are way too many deals going on right now but I already made too many trips to the store so I need to stop looking!! I am hoping that I can chalk up the excess buying to vacation and call it good enough but it is still sad to blow through the budget in half the month!!


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